Winner of Houzz’ 2015 Early Adopter Award Goes to . . . Hope Designs!


January 16, 2016

They’ve done it again. Hope Designs – a Toronto interior design firm that has helped countless homeowners transform their homes into ones they can be proud to call their own – has once again been given an award from the prestigious Houzz! Hope Designs is an ever-growing interior design and home staging company that has a far-reaching level of clients that extend all across the GTA and beyond. Their impeccable sense of style and all-encompassing level of service has made them who they are today.
Everyone’s heard of Houzz. Whether you’re thinking of doing a complete remodelling of your home or are simply looking to gather a few ideas to revamp your interior, you’ve most likely headed to this infamous online resource of advice and professionals in the world of interior design and home renovation.
Houzz is ‘it’ when it comes to leading the pack for interior design and remodelling, providing people with all there is to know to boost the look and feel of their homes.
There are a few different awards that Houzz hands out every year, one of which is the “Houzz Early Adopter Award 2015 for those who have been with Houzz since its birth. It’s a highly coveted award, which recognizes top designers on the site who have demonstrated outstanding service in their specific niche. It recognizes those who have helped plant roots in the establishment, and who are considered experts in their fields. Essentially, they are trendsetters in their niche, and are recognized as such with the Early Adopter Award.
It also extends a level of appreciation for being heavily present in the interior design community, and for dedicating expertise with the Houzz followers since the site’s early days.
The night of the award presentation, Liza Hauseman herself presented Lori with the award. This is no average joe – Liza boasts some impressive credentials on her portfolio. As a the VP Industry Marketing at Houzz, she certainly would the first person to pick to have an award like Early Adopter handed out! And Lori couldn’t have been more thrilled!
Lori and her team at Hope Designs is absolutely exuberant and humbled by being included in the Early Adopter Award presentation this year. As always, Lori and her team are constantly striving for better, and are rather successful at doing just that. Every year they continue to impress clients and fellow professionals alike, and therefore highly deserve this incredible award from the ever-popular Houzz!
Congratulations Lori and Hope Designs!