Why Won’t My House Sell

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June 23, 2014

Why Won’t My House Sell? Answers For Those Selling Their Home in the GTA.
For those who are in a time crunch and truly need to sell their home in a certain time frame you may begin to wonder why hasn’t my house sold? Why won’t my house sell?
For those who aren’t quite in that position yet, but are worried they will be, as your homes been on the market several weeks you may have questions as well. You will begin to ask yourself; My house has been on the market for close to a month, what’s wrong? Why hasn’t my house sold?
For both types of sellers, there are some possible issues that need to be considered and ultimately rectified if your home has been on the market several weeks or possibly months and hasn’t sold.
1. Check the MLS
This is the main real estate listing that matters. The Muliple Listing Service (MLS) reaches a massive audience and because of this, making sure it is accurate and best depicts your home is very important. Take a look at it with your real estate agent, review pictures of your house that are associated with your listing and ultimately make sure that your house isn’t being overlooked because the MLS listing isn’t correctly depicting your property in a positive light. Compare your photos on the MLS with those of houses in your neighbourhood that sold very quickly, are there obvious differences?
2. Look at the option of Staging your Home
One step is to get people in the door, while another is to sell them on your home when they are actually there. You would be amazed the small things that can make a difference psychologically when people are walking through a home. One question you should be asking yourself. I’m planning on selling my house; should it be staged? Probably! Home staging professionals are well-versed at taking spaces and optimizing them in the best possible way. If you’ve seen a home and been completely blown away by it, that is probably because it had benefited by home staging. In the GTA and surrounding areas there is plenty of competition within the housing market. Staging professionals know how to put your home first in every buyers mind.
3. Consider Open Houses and Virtual Tours
If you aren’t able to even get people in the door, you may want to consider special ways of attracting them there. Open houses are a traditional approach but one that can be very effective. Granted you may get curious neighbors stumbling across your home but you may also attract your buyer. It’s common to have couples that find it difficult to search online or don’t have the time during the week, so they truly rely on open houses on the weekends for their home searching. In any case, making an “event” out of an open house and making sure the home is in tip top condition during those times can make a world of difference.
Virtual tours are another way to attract people, aiming at somewhat different demographic. Work through your real estate agent in order to get professional photos done. As with home staging, Toronto home buyers often know when things aren’t being done by a professional and can be turned off by the subtle things that the pros know how to handle and avoid. A virtual tour of your home done by a professional photographer can be just the thing you need to put your home over the top and grab the attention of that one potential home buyer.
All it takes is something, sometimes one little thing, to turn that potential buyer into a full-fledged buyer. It can be hard to know what that one thing is, so the best course is to cover your bases.
At Hope Designs we suggest speaking with a home staging professional well before you plan to put your home on the market. Book a home stager in for a consultation first. You would be surprised at how thorough a consultation is and just how many things a professional will point out to you that you may never have even considered, many of these things can and will impact the sale of your property!
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