Why Virtual Home Staging Should Not Replace Traditional Toronto Home Staging

July 10, 2019
Toronto Home Staging

We’ve all heard of virtual reality, but “virtual home staging?” What exactly is that, and how does it play a role in selling your home?

As the name suggests, virtual home staging is all about “staging” your home but without actually making any physical changes. Instead of actually furnishing or decorating your space, you would depend on technology to help make it seem as though your home is staged.

The idea is to help buyers see what your home could look like if it was furnished and decorated in a way that pleases their tastes and suits their lifestyle. Some sellers like the idea of not actually having to do all the heavy lifting and in-depth work needed to stage their homes in order to attract buyers.

But while this might sound like a great idea, virtual staging should never replace traditional Toronto home staging.

Why? For starters, some buyers might feel duped into thinking that the home is actually staged the way their online photos and videos show it. And if the necessary disclosures aren’t made, buyers could be in for quite a surprise when they actually book a showing and visit the home, only to find it nowhere near the way it’s portrayed on the internet.

Sure, you may be able to attract a lot of attention online with virtual staging, but it doesn’t come close to how real, bonafide Toronto home staging is. When buyers show up to your home, they want to be just as wowed in person as they were when they first came across your home’s images and videos online.

The truth is, home staging in Toronto works on many levels. First off, it can help buyers develop an emotional connection to your home and help them see how the home can be used to fit their lifestyle.

Staging can also help buyers see the full potential of your home, as most buyers are unable to visualize a home’s potential without some help. Further, Toronto home stagers can help camouflage and flaws and highlight the positive features of your home.

The result? You can realistically sell your home faster and for more money. Isn’t that exactly what all sellers inevitably want?

While you may consider virtual home staging to complement your home selling strategy, it should never completely replace real Toronto home staging, nor does it have nearly the same effect that traditional staging has.

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