Why Home Sellers Need to Decorate For Buyers, Not For Themselves

April 12, 2021
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Are you planning to sell your home some time soon? Then it’s time to take a look around your home to make sure it’s ready for the market.

But before you start rearranging furniture, adding decorative artifacts, or even repainting a wall, it’s important to understand that you’re not trying to appease your tastes, but rather to those of buyers.

That means that you may be required to update your home in such a way that ensures buyers like what they see, not you, necessarily. So, when all is said and done, you may not actually be totally in love with the finished product. And that’s OK.

What you want is for buyers to fall in love with your home. And when they do, that’s when the offers come rolling in.

Home Staging: Appealing to Buyers, Not Homeowners

The goal is to get the masses of buyers to fall in love with your home. Your states don’t really matter at this point.

Many homeowners may be a bit confused about the difference between interior design and home staging. Interior design is meant to create a space that reflects the tastes and lifestyle of the homeowner. On the other hand, home staging is meant to help buyers see themselves living in the home and to sell a certain lifestyle that buyers are looking for.

If you work with a professional home stager, they may come up with suggestions on how to decorate your home, choose furniture, and paint your walls. You may not necessarily like the suggestions they make, but again, it’s important to understand that any changes being made to the look of your home are being done with the buyer in mind.

Home Staging Helps Draw in More Buyers

At the end of the day, the goal of home staging is to attract as many eyes as possible among buyers looking in your area. The more people are attracted to your home, the higher the odds of you getting a decent offer within a relatively short amount of time.

Home staging has been proven to help sell homes faster and for more money compared to homes that have not been staged. If you can achieve that goal as a home seller, then it really should matter what changes are made to your home in terms of your tastes. What matters is that you can get an offer for your home in a shorter time frame, without leaving any money on the table.

If you’re ready to sell your home, consider enlisting the services of experienced home stagers. Hope Designs has years of experience helping homeowners in Toronto and the surrounding GTA stage their homes to attract the pool of buyers looking to purchase a home in their area. Call or email us to book a staging consultation!