Why Colour Repetition is Important When Staging Your Home to Sell

August 19, 2018

colour repetitionColour plays a huge role in home staging in Toronto, but the precise colours you use and how you use them matters.

As a seller, you want to sell your home as quickly as possible without having it linger on the market for longer than it has to. At the same time, you also want to command a higher sale price in order to make the most of the transaction. And home staging in Toronto can help make that happen. But the way in which your home is staged is important.

Professional home stagers in Toronto know what it takes to stage homes that sell, and proper choice and use of colour are incredibly important in this endeavour. Stagers use various strategies with their use and application of colour, including what’s known as ‘colour repetition’, or the ‘rule of three’.

What is Colour Repetition?

Choosing a bold signature colour and repeating throughout the home can make a dull interior seem instantly brighter and more visually interesting. By repeating a bright colour in an otherwise boring and drab interior, you can effectively reinforce a specific style and help buyers’ eyes pick up on that particular colour in different places throughout your rooms.

The use of colour repetition provides a specific impression of a room and involves repeating a colour three times in a space. This is an especially helpful and effective tactic in rooms that have very neutral hues on the walls and furniture. By using the chosen colour on items such as artwork, throw pillows, vases, drapes, and chair seats, you can make your interior seem much more alive and interesting without a complete overhaul of your home.

Sometimes painting the walls in a different colour to improve the look of the space may not be possible if you’re really strapped for time. In these cases, the use of colour repetition can really help to boost the look of your home without the time and effort needed to do a total paint job.

Rather than just randomly tossing in a number of colours in a space without any particular strategy, you can strengthen the style of your space with the use of colour repetition.

colour repetitionChoose a colour that you love, and repeat that colour three times throughout your space. Doing so will help you create a space that buyers will easily fall in love with. This ‘rule of three’ is a constant in the world of home staging, and applying it to your interior can help you transform your place from drab to fab in no time.

It’s amazing what small vignettes can do to spike visual impact on buyers, and using an awesome colour scheme to highlight your home’s finishes can help to boost the look and feel of your home.

Need Help With Home Staging?

If the concept of colour repetition or any other facet of home staging is out of your element, you need a professional home stager. Luckily, the pros at Hope Designs are ready and able to help transform your home into something that local buyers want and will pay good money for. Call Hope Designs today!