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August 21, 2014

Everything seems to have its time in the limelight, including decor and design trends. Shaggy orange rugs may have been hot in the 60s, but their appeal fizzled out after a few years. The same can be said about the dated velvet wallpaper that Grandma had in her home that was prevalent in the early 70s. This trend may have been the cat’s pajamas back then, but no modern home owner dared have this wallpaper in their homes since.
Perhaps these particular trends are not necessarily making a comeback, but there are plenty of other old trends that are. The old as new is a big trend in the design and decor world. Here are 4 retro trends that are hot right now.
1. Palm/Banana Leaf Wallpaper
Remember scenes from The Golden Girls that took place in Blanche’s bedroom? You may have noticed the flashy palm leaves that adorned the wall behind her bed. This was a huge trend back in the 80s, and certainly fit in well with the warm Miami climate on the set of the classic show. The trend certainly flattened out as the 90s approached, and we really haven’t seen much (or any) of this wall decor in modern homes. But this look is definitely coming back into play, and is appearing in modern homes more and more.
2. Bold Graphics and Prints
Neutrals have been abound in interior design and decor for the past few years, but today’s modern home is increasingly being adorned with bold colours and patterns on walls, furniture and accessories to add personality to a space. Think zigzag printed area rugs, window panels in a basic block, or a floral print on throw pillows. Such boldness will add a modern touch to your more neutral home.
3. Shiny Materials
Metals, glass and mirrored surfaces are a hot trend that’s emerged from trends past, and are increasingly being seen on table legs and chairs, in addition to end tables and credenzas. Mercury glass is also becoming more popular in artifacts including lamp bases, bowls, candlesticks and chandeliers.
4. Reclaimed Wood
Whether used as flooring, wall paneling, or as a coffee table, reclaimed wood is a big trend in interior decor these days. Wood is now being mixed with all sorts of tones in furniture, cabinets and flooring. Wood grains tend to be finer, furniture lines are a little sleeker, and floor planks are wider and thicker.
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