What Home Improvement Projects Pay Off the Most For Home Staging?

July 26, 2020
home renovations

When it comes time to sell your home, the idea is to snag the highest price possible out of the buyer – fairly, of course. The thing is, you can’t just arbitrarily pick a high number as your listing price There’s a strategy that goes into choosing the right listing for your home that’s both fair but also brings the most to the table.

But your home is only worth as much as the average buyer is willing to pay for it. That said, there are some things you can do to boost the value of your home and drive up the sale price, and improving it is one way to do that.

But some improvements bring in a higher ROI than others. That’s why you should focus only on improvements that will help you recoup what you spent to upgrade your home when you finally sell.

Here are the projects that typically bring the most return.

Kitchen Remodelling

The kitchen is a room that really can sell an entire house. You might have a mediocre living room and a so-so-bedroom, but if you can wow your buyers with a killer kitchen, then you’re well on your way to commanding a hefty price for your home. As such, a kitchen remodel might be a great way to jack up the value of your home to impress buyers enough to be willing to spend more.

However, you need to be careful with this type of renovation, because you could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars – or much more – that you won’t be able to recoup after the fact. Focus on things like new counters, kitchen cabinets (or at least the cabinet doors), lighting, knobs and handles, appliances, and a new sink/faucet. If you start ripping everything out, that could translate into a big price tag that might be tough to get back at the negotiating table.

Bathroom Remodelling

Similar to the kitchen, a bathroom remodel can go a long way at helping to increase the value of your home. Despite its small size, a bathroom is a valuable part of a home and one that buyers will pay close attention to. Consider revamping the lighting, sink and faucet, vaniey, and mirrors to impress your buyers.


There couldn’t be a simpler, quicker, and cheaper way to upgrade your home than with a coat of paint. Repainting your walls – both inside and out – takes minimal effort and can be done in an afternoon. But the difference it makes is amazing. If your walls look like they’ve seen better days, then perhaps a fresh coat of paint might do the trick.


Curb appeal speaks volumes, especially when you’re staging your home for sale. If your exterior looks like your home has been abandoned, it’s time to do something about it. New shrubbery and flowers, weeding, and a lawn cut can do wonders for your curb appeal and for the perceived value of your home and tends to be a good bang for your buck in terms of ROI.

New Front/Garage Doors

Your front door and garage door(s) can be considered part of your curb appeal, and another great project to take on would be to reface these surfaces. Even just a new splash of paint over top can make a world of difference. And if that’s not enough to recover them, perhaps replacing them altogether might be warranted. Either way, new doors are another project that can bring in a higher ROI compared to most others.

If you’re looking to sell your home soon, staging should be one of the first things you do before you even take the first photo. But rather than handle it yourself, get the experts in to professionally stage your home to increase the chances of getting in a solid offer sooner rather than later. Call Hope Designs today!