Wallpaper is Making a Comeback in Toronto Homes!

July 27, 2016

Wallpaper Toronto
Listen up homeowners, because wallpaper is making a comeback in Toronto!
That’s right. Wallpaper is no longer considered to be an outdated, tacky, old-fashioned element of a home anymore. These days, more and more homeowners are restyling their walls with gorgeous, upscale wallpaper that truly makes an interior pop.
Are you ready and willing to give wallpaper in Toronto a go? If so, here are some suggestions as to how to use it in ways that suit your taste while giving your space a sophisticated overhaul.
Use it on Accent Walls
Still a little shy about adorning all your walls in wallpaper? You can always start by taking baby steps and focus on one accent wall. Even small doses of wallpaper on one wall can add a quick punch of colour and energy to a space. Wallpaper can easy unify all the other colours and accessories in a room and even create unity with other adjacent rooms to create visual appeal. Limiting wallpaper to just one single wall is also a lot easier on your budget, giving you plenty of bang for your buck.
Start With a Smaller Space
A room that’s completely wallpapered can give it a contemporary feel, but be careful where you put it. Smaller spaces, such as bathrooms and bedrooms are popular places to start with wallpaper in your Toronto home, as they don’t have as much square footage on the walls to potentially overwhelm a space. In smaller rooms, you can get away with a bolder, more vibrant print. Even patterns that are seemingly less contemporary can be given a ‘cool’ factor when used in a smaller space.
Stick to Classic Patterns
Wallpaper Toronto
While there are literally thousands of patterns to choose from, consider sticking to classic ones if you’re still hesitant about wallpaper. The following always make a good choice:
Paisley – A teardrop-shaped design that originally appeared on kashmir shawls in Paisley, Scotland.
Black-and-white damask – For a sharp yet traditional look, a black-and-white damask pattern adds a contemporary feeling.
Lattice – Mimicking latticework of an outdoor gate or trellis, lattice is the ideal way to add a bold statement reminiscent of the outdoors to your space.
Fleur-de-lis – The classic and stylized three- or four-petal lily was originally a symbol of purity. But since the Middle Ages, it’s been used in many ornaments and designs.
Floral – Classic and soft, florals are the traditional type of print that brings a calming sense to the indoors.
Geometric – Bold and vibrant, geometric prints are ideal for the more eclectic home.
Try Texture Over Print
If print and pattern seems too much for you, consider opting for texture instead. It’s more subtle and quiet yet still adds a dimension to a room instead of flat paint. Textured wallpaper will blend in with the interior decor, rather than stand out. These types of wall coverings are growing in popularity.

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