Using Accessories to Style and Stage Your Home For Sale

September 26, 2020
staging your home

While major furniture pieces are necessary in key rooms in your home, it’s the accessories that add the detail to a space to make it pop. Whatever accents you use to decorate a space will give it personality. But you also want to be able to attract the masses of buyers when you list your home for sale.

Here are some ways to use accessories to style and stage your home for sale.

Throw Pillows

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to style a living room is with the use of throw pillows. While changing a couch or repainting the walls involves a lot more work and money when you want to change things up with colour, throw pillows offer the perfect way to swap colours when you feel the need for something different. These accents can help you add bold hues without having to commit to something more permanent.


What you hang on your walls can bring the room to life, and artwork is a classic way to do just that. Like throw pillows, you can swap one piece for another on a whim. Choose pieces that pick up on other subtle colours elsewhere in the space, such as on sofas, window drapery, or area rugs.


Mirrors are excellent accessories to use, especially when your home is a little short on square footage. In this case, mirrors can be strategically hung in places that effectively reflect light to visually enlarge a space. Ideally, hanging mirrors opposite windows can help all that natural light bounce off the reflective surfaces and make the room seem larger than it actually is. Plus, all that extra light can do wonders for the ambience of the room.

Area Rugs

Speaking of area rugs, these pieces offer a quick and effective way to brighten a room and add visual interest. And when placed appropriately, they can also be used to define spaces within a room. When choosing an area rug, be careful with size. Ideally, the rug should be large enough that the main furniture sits on top of it.


There’s nothing like nature when it comes to breathing life into an interior. Be sure to include ample plants and flowers throughout your home, especially when staging it for buyers.

If you’re planning to sell your home some time soon, be sure to have it staged to help draw the attention of more buyers. In turn, you may realize a quicker sale for a higher price point! Call Hope Designs today!