Traditional Interior Decor and Design in Your Home

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May 9, 2014

A traditionally decorated home is one that evokes a sense of calmness and comfort. It’s classic, timeless, and ultra cozy. Typical trademarks of traditional interior decor and design include details such as sturdy crafted furnishings, detailed woodwork, carved mouldings, and graceful lines. Surrounding these features may include elegant window treatments, a plush sofa, soft throw pillows, and classically framed wall art. What home owners tend to be most drawn to when they choose a traditional style is the antique and classic look of the space, as well as the ultimate comfort level.
Traditional Interior Decor and Design
This style of interior decor tends to be predictable and orderly, making it versatile enough to be effectively combined with other interior elements to develop a unique look to a space. One of the most telling facets of traditional style in an interior are the silhouettes of the furnishings. Pieces that tap into the 18th and 19th centuries are typical, such as claw-footed tables, curved furniture pieces, and winged-back chairs. Antiques are often integrated into a traditionally-styled space, though even new pieces sold on the market mimic the silhouettes of old pieces.


Balance and symmetry across the room is key when decorating a space in a traditional theme. Accessories are typically displayed in pairs, such as artwork, candleholders, sconces, vases and plants. Furniture pieces are placed in pairs, and are generally centred in the room. Pairs of design pieces are generally arranged in balanced symmetry. Pieces are matched and consistent, giving the space an overall feeling of predictability.
Much like any other interior decor and design theme, colour plays an integral part in traditional style. Generally speaking, walls are painted in neutral hues in order to visually ground the more embellished furniture pieces. The majority of furniture in a traditionally decorated room is draped in rich colours, such as reds, blues and browns. Vibrant colours are typically incorporated into accent pieces and artwork.
Architecture and Woods
Elaborate architectural elements are typically used is this style of interior decor. Bevelled wood panelling, arches, wood floor patterns, columns, crown mouldings, built-in cabinets and intricate tile textures are widely used features in this style of decor and design.
Rich wood tones are an important aspect of traditional design, with dark woods like mahogany, maple and cherry often used in this style theme. Furniture pieces are often carved or textured to give them a rich, luxurious feel. Floors tend to be wood, although carpeting and elegant tiles are often used as well.
The textiles used in traditional interior decor are typically high quality fabrics like silk, wool, canvas or cashmere. They generally come in solid colours, though many also feature some patterning like damask, florals or paisley.
The overall goal of a traditional style in a home is to create a space that is homey and understated, offering the home owner the ultimate in comfort.
Hope Designs – Helping You Identify Your Interior Decor Style
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