Toronto Interior Design Firm Wins 2 Houzz Badges

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November 13, 2015

Everyone and their mother has heard of Houzz. And the professionals that are featured on this site don’t just land on there by accident.
Considering the accolades that Houzz has garnered since its inception, it goes without saying that the experts that are found on this site are there for a reason – they’re experienced, well-renowned, and know a thing or two about what it takes to make a good house great. Regardless of whether you’re transforming a tiny apartment space or a massive mansion, these pros have a plethora of tips and tricks for the average home owner to follow.
Being Awarded by Houzz is No Small Feat
There are many ways in which Houzz emphasizes their ‘stars’ on the interior design and world. If you’re an avid Houzz reader, you’ve probably already heard of the ‘Best Of’ awards that the site hands out on a yearly basis to experts who really stand out in their particular category.
Then there’s the Houzz ‘Badge’, which is handed out to professionals on the site that exemplify excellence in their field. If you see one of these badges beside a company name, you know that this particular firm is highly credible and on top of their game. Houzz itself is a prestigious website in terms of interior design and construction, so it goes without saying that the awards and badges that it hands out means that you’re dealing with companies that are the cream of the crop.
Hope Designs – Winner of the Highly Coveted Houzz Badge!
And one of these outstanding interior design professionals that has recently been ‘badged’ by Houzz (as well as received a host of ‘Best Of’ awards from the site), is Hope Designs. In fact, this home staging and Toronto interior design firm been awarded TWO badges from this esteemed site!
The first, called Houzz INFLUENCER badge is given to experts who have provided solid advice and knowledgeable posts to the Houzz community.
The second, called Houzz RECOMMENDED is specifically reserved for the top-rated professionals on Houzz.
And Hope Designs encompasses both of these traits, which is why Houzz has recognized them as such!
Get in touch with Lori from Hope Designs today by visiting and find out what all the fuss is about!