Toronto Home Showing Survival Tips While Your Property is Up For Sale

October 15, 2015

By now, you’ve probably heard about all the benefits of staging your home when you’re putting it on the market. You already know that a professionally staged home can bring you a higher selling price, and can help sell your home as quickly as possible.
Great. But now comes the real hard part: living in your staged home while countless people waltz through your space during showings. Hopefully this showing phase won’t last long (you’ve staged your home, remember?). But even three or four days can be trying.
Here are some Toronto home showing survival tips you might want to follow while you’ve got your home up on the market.
Keep the Clutter Under Wraps
This is the first task when you stage your home – getting rid of clutter. But just because you’ve eliminated it in the first place, doesn’t mean you can neglect the potential for clutter to come creeping back again.
It’s definitely a lot easier to maintain a clutter-free home than clearing it the first place. Continue keeping tabs on things that could easily pile up. Get rid of whatever you haven’t used in the past 6 months, and store everything else out of sight.
Incorporate Decorative Baskets for Your Toiletries
Bathrooms are notorious for accumulating toiletries on the vanity sinks. From the hairspray, to the makeup remover, to the deodorant, such items really need to be kept out of sight when your home is being shown to potential buyers.
Make it easier on you to clear this clutter by investing in a few wicker baskets to house your everyday toiletries. And make sure that each member of the family gets his and her own. Consider keeping them in the bedroom closet, and take it out only in the mornings and evenings when you need them.
Store Extra Toys
Let’s face it: kids are always getting a new toy here and there from someone they know. These toys can quickly pile up, and create more clutter than you care to deal with. The reality is, your kids aren’t going to be playing with all of these toys at once, so consider storing the toys that aren’t frequently played with, and leave only a handful in a toy box that they can access.
Create a Junk Drawer
In case your home doesn’t already have one, create a junk drawer or storage container that you’re sure won’t be accessed by homebuyers perusing your home. Get yourself a tote or basket that you can use on a whim to store your daily junk, including magazines, mail, and others. Keeping these items contained in one spot makes it a lot easier to stash them for last-minutes showing appointments.
Following these tips will hopefully make it a lot easier to keep your home spiffy for the market. If you’ve already been working with a Toronto home stager, your home should be sold in no time.
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