Toronto Home Design Expert Tips: Decorating With Orange for the Upcoming Fall Season

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September 12, 2015

The kids are back in school, and the leaves are starting the change colour. As much as we’d like to hang onto summer, the inevitable is upon us. But with the fall weather comes an abundance of gloriously rich colours that we can really look to for inspiration when it comes to decorating our homes. And among these bold hues is orange.
Here are some ways to successfully pull orange into your home to make it look stylish and uber chic.
Add Pops of Orange in Your Accents
Orange is one of those rich colours that doesn’t need to be in excess in order to make a statement. Instead, consider incorporating orange into items such as art work, throw pillows, flowers, vases, and so forth. Adding this colour to an otherwise neutral space can add visual interest while cozy-ing up the place.
Create a Focal Wall in Orange
Considering how bold the colour orange is, it might be a bit much to paint all four walls of a room in it. Instead, choose one wall to act as a focal point in the space, and lather your favourite shade of orange paint all over it. It will help draw the eye around the room, and connect the details in your artwork or accessories that may also feature small accents of the colour.
Add Contrast
Oranges – especially dark orange shades – feel particularly sophisticated when paired with rich neutrals, such as grey. To create a stylish and playful look, consider pairing bright orange furnishings with other bolder accents, like a maroon lamp or fuchsia ottoman.
Go Bold
If you’re more of the daring type, you could play around with orange and really make it the stand-out colour of the space. In addition to orange wall paint, add orange to your window treatments and upholstery against white pieces (like wall sconces or lamp shades) to highlight these white accents while showing off the orange in the space.
There are plenty of ways to add orange to your space without making it look like you live in a big pumpkin. Using creative and strategic ways to incorporate orange can help create a space that’s perfectly suited to the change in season.
Before you take out your paint brush, consult with Toronto home design experts who can give you a few pointers first. Better yet, have them design and tackle the job completely on your behalf!
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