Toronto Bathroom Design: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

September 28, 2015

Regardless of their size, bathrooms always need to be thought out carefully and in great detail before being constructed and/or remodelled. Nowadays, more modern homes feature a bedroom:bathroom ratio of larger than 3:1, and homeowners expect a lot more out of bathrooms than just a room for when nature calls. The modern bathroom of today should not only be esthetically, pleasing, it should also be an efficient space that is highly functional.
Make sure you avoid some of these common bathroom design and remodelling mistakes.
1. No Privacy
While it’s nice to have a lot of natural light come in to brighten up an otherwise potentially dark and tight space, you also need a certain degree of privacy too. A huge mistake you can make when building or redesigning your bathroom is to let TOO much light in – as in letting everyone outside see you indisposed.
Wherever possible, try to avoid locating your bathroom right off of one of the public rooms of the home, or place a large window directly across from the next-door neighbour’s kitchen. The last thing you want is to be doing your business while a family is trying to enjoy their dinner.
2. Having Zero View Out
Touching on the view and natural light coming in topic, you also don’t want to completely cut off all view of the outside world in the name of privacy. Who wants to get ready for the day in a dark space? If you’re relocating or building a new bathroom, make sure that it’s got some sort of outside view. If you don’t have the option to have windows to show the outside, consider installing a skylight to make the space feel more welcoming.
3. Assuming Bigger is Always Better
Maybe if your bathroom is 2,000 square feet, you can get away with everything oversized. But for the average-sized home with the average-sized bathroom, bigger isn’t always better. What you need to do instead is focus on excellent design that functions optimally for whatever needs and lifestyle you have.
4. Centering Everything Around the Toilet
While the toilet is a staple in all bathrooms, you need to resist the urge to centre everything in this room around this porcelain god. Be sure to also avoid any sight lines to it from various points and other rooms. If possible, try to put the toilet in its own space with a semi-wall shielding this area.
If you want to avoid these big mistakes – among others – go the safe route and hire the experts in Toronto bathroom design. Hope Designs not only has experience designing, decorating and remodelling these spaces, they’re also well-versed in designing all other spaces of a home – both inside and out.
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