Top Paint Colour Recommendations For Staging Your Home


April 6, 2017

Aside from cleaning and de-cluttering when staging your home, painting is the most cost-effective way to boost the value of your home dollar for dollar and can dramatically enhance its appearance with very little money and effort. It can easily and quickly transform the look of your interior walls and make them much more appealing compared to walls riddled with scuff marks and scratches.
Staging Your HomeIn addition to providing a fresh new look to your home, a new coat of paint can also neutralize the space so that your home will be amore appealing to prospective buyers who are looking in your area. If your home is full of eclectic wall colours, you’d be well advised to make a change with something a little more neutral.
But going neutral doesn’t mean boring. In fact, the right neutral colour on your walls can actually make your home more vibrant and make the interior seems brighter, larger, and more inviting.
Having said that, there are certain colours that you should focus on, so here are the top paint colour recommendations when staging your home for a quick sale.
Top Paint Colours For Your Home When Staging it to Sell
Before you head to your local paint store to select the colours for your home, consider some of the following top recommended shades:
White – Who says white has to be boring and resemble a hospital room? Done right and paired with the right furnishings and accessories, white can be a ideal shade to consider splashing across your walls. It helps create a simple backdrop whereby every colour palette will go well it, making the staging process easier. It also works quite well at brightening and opening up an interior space to make it appear larger than it actually is.
staging your homeCream – If you don’t want to go stark white, you can always go with a creamy colour that can evoke the same amount of brightness in a space but create a warmer aura. There are paint colour options available – such as Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White – that offer the perfect blend of a white that’s a little creamy and makes a room warm and crisp at the same time.
Grey – Speaking of grey, this is a another timeless neutral colour that always seems to be modern, and can literally well work in just about any space.
Greige – Is this even a colour? In case you haven’t figured it out, “greige” is a blend of beige and grey. More specifically, it’s a grey with a beige undertone. Beige is so passé and no longer has no business being a part of a modern home. Greige, on the other hand, is becoming one of the more popular neutrals because it truly goes with everything but isn’t so “blah” like traditional 90’s beige is. If you’re ever tempted to opt for beige, stop yourself and go with “greige” instead.
Blue – The type of blue that you want to focus on if you’re staging your home for sale is something that’s not too bold, dark, nor eclectic. Grey blues work particularly well because they’re modern yet neutral at the same time and provide a wonderful canvas upon which to build your furniture arrangement and decor theme.
Taupe – Going with a grey paint colour that has a soft taupe undertone will help make a room feel warm and inviting.

Thinking of Staging Your Home? Hope Designs is on it

The importance of staging your home cannot be stressed enough. The fact that this process can help you sell faster and for a higher price are reasons enough to implement home staging into your sales tactic. It’s an investment that can significantly increase your ROI when you sell, which makes it an essential step to take in the selling process.
If you’re getting your home ready to be listed, call Hope Designs to have your home professionally staged to impress buyers the moment they lay eyes on it.