Top Interior Design Trends Millennials Want in 2018

February 17, 2018

Millennials are making up the largest generation of homebuyers these days, but what are they looking for in terms of interior design?

Here are some top trends that Generation Yers are looking for in their home’s decor in 2018.

Rustic Interiors

Millennials still love their modern, sleek interiors, but they’re also drawn to the rustic look as well. Interior designers are increasingly coming up with savvy ways to blend both looks into one seamless interior.

Top Interior Design Trends Millennials

One feature that plays into the rustic look is barn doors, which seem to be an increasingly popular feature in millennial homes that are being remodelled. Their actual design and functionality vary, from sliding doors, to those that open entirely, to more subtle pantry or closet doors.

Farmhouse sinks are also quite popular among the Generation Y demographic, as are rustic wood counters and shelves in unique shapes and textures. Reclaimed wood is also being used in components such as fireplace mantles. But such features are being incorporated with more modern finishes – such as metal – to create a look that’s both old and new.

Coloured Lights

To keep things on the more modern end of the spectrum, millennials want coloured lights in many aspects of their interiors. LED lights in various hues are being found in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and fireplaces.

More specifically, they’re being installed in shower stalls, under-cabinet lighting, inside kitchen cabinets, and even along stairs. Such coloured lights can give a space a unique look by changing things up with the simple click of a button on a smartphone or tablet.

Colour in the Kitchen

Millennials still love their white kitchens, but more and more are throwing in a pop of bright colour to add some visual interest. One of the more popular ways to add colour to a kitchen is to install darker cabinets with lighter countertops. And the actual colours themselves include anything from blue, to green, to bright yellow.

Even the appliances are playing a role in this vibrant colour scheme, with an increasing number of kitchens featuring appliances in bright hues.

Top Interior Design Trends Millennials

One-of-a-Kind Items

Handmade items give homeowners an easy way to fully customize their spaces, which is a huge appeal for millennials. Incorporating a unique, one-of-a-kind piece into an interior can take any dull room and make it fabulous.
Whether it’s a vase, bowl, wall art, sculpture, or any other type of decor, these unique items are a great way to transform a space in a cost-efficient manner.


It should come as no surprise that millennials love their smart technology, and that includes the type that operates their homes. Millennials are constantly looking for better ways to maintain their homes, and state-of-the-art technology is helping them do just that.

These days, millennial homeowners can lock their doors, turn their alarm systems on and off, control the temperature, and turn bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans on and off, all from their phones and tablets.

Sustainable Materials

Millennials tend to be very eco-friendly and conscious about the health of the planet, and they are doing their part by ensuring their homes are energy-efficient. One of the more popular ways they’re doing this is by using sustainable and natural materials whenever possible. Engineered stone or recycled materials like quartz and Caesarstone are eco-friendly and are used on counters everywhere. They’re easy to maintain and visually appealing, which are important aspects for millennials.

Smart Storage Solutions

All generations can appreciate a home that offers lots of smart storage, regardless of size. Having an abundance of storage is an important home feature for the millennial generation.

Kitchen designs now come with entire built-in organization systems. Cupboards lower down to counter height to make it easier to reach things. Automated shelving and stacked drawers which slide back to allow a second layer to come out are innovative features that millennials are attracted to, especially for those with smaller living spaces.

Top Interior Design Trends Millennials Want Can Be Yours Too

No matter what generation you hail from, you can still tap into these savvy interior design trends millennials are increasingly incorporating into their homes. With Hope Designs, we can help transform your home into a modern and convenient space that you can be proud to call yours. Call us today and book your consultation!