Top 5 Tricks to Staging Your Home

March 14, 2020
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Most people should know that staging a home before it’s listed on the market can help a property fetch a higher sale price and sell in a shorter period of time. But have you ever wondered exactly what professional home stagers do to help a home seem more attractive to buyers on the prowl for a new place to call home?

Here are some savvy home staging tricks that can be employed to help your home sell faster and for more money.

1. Furnishing Vacant Rooms

Professional stagers do not leave empty rooms vacant. Instead, they furnish and decorate them accordingly before the first buyer steps foot over the threshold. A vacant room not only looks smaller, but it also doesn’t give anything for the buyers to go on. It doesn’t impress buyers and instead confuses them about how the space is to be used. Always furnish vacant rooms, especially important ones like the living room and bedroom.

2. Using the “Rule of Three”

One trick that pros in home staging use is the ‘rule of three’, which basically involves arranging pieces in groups of three. For some reason, psychology dictates that groups of three items are more aesthetically pleasing. So use this rule when grouping things like vases on shelves or books on coffee and end tables.

3. Avoiding Clutter

Clutter can be visually distracting and can make a space look dishevelled. That’s why the cardinal rule in home staging is to declutter the home before any changes are made to furnish and accessorize. But when you’re adding pieces, be careful of over-cluttering your rooms. Instead, keep things simple and to a minimum.

4. Using Mirrors to Make a Space Look Bigger

The reflective surfaces of mirrors makes them the perfect addition to smaller rooms that are short on square footage. Consider hanging mirrors opposite of windows so that natural light can be reflected off the mirrors. Or you can also bounce more light around by hanging mirrors opposite of each other. This will create an effect of making a room appear larger than it actually is.

5. Making Ceilings Seem Higher

Another way to make a space seem more spacious is to visually elongate the walls and make it seem like the ceilings are higher than they really are. You can do this by hanging your window curtains right up to the ceilings.

Need More Help Staging Your Home?

The way that you prep your home for the market can make a big difference in how your sale goes. And Hope Designs has plenty of experience helping sellers get their homes show-ready so that prospective buyers are wowed and ready to put in a solid offer. Call Hope Designs today!