Top 10 Things To Do Before You Sell

April 19, 2017

Thinking about selling and moving into a new abode? Then there are a number of things that you’ve got to take care of before you sell. After all, you want to put your best foot forward and ensure that your listing is positioned for a quick sale that will garner a sizeable sale price.
Here is your checklist when selling your home to attract a hefty offer.
Before You Sell1. Clean
You might think your home is clean, but buyers might not. Take the time to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom before you sell, paying particular attention to the kitchen, bathroom, and floors. Don’t have the time nor the stomach for it? Consider hiring a professional cleaner who can get your home spic and span before the first buyer walks through the front door.
2. Declutter
Wait a minute – didn’t you already clean? Isn’t decluttering the same thing? Not really. When we say “declutter,” we mean putting all your belongings away that are making your home look untidy and dishevelled. All those toys that your kids play with and that pile of magazines you keep stacked beside your couch should be tucked away and kept out of sight when prospective buyers are rummaging through your home.
3. Start Packing
You might not necessarily be ready to move out just yet, but all those belongings that you’ve taken out of sight may be able to be packed if you don’t plan on using them until you move into your new home. If you still use them, store them somewhere out of sight while still within reach. Otherwise, get them packed and ready for your move before you sell.
4. Neutralize
Take a look at your walls and carpeting – are they bold and bright in colour and texture? If so, you may want to paint the walls and replace the carpeting with something a little more on the neutral side, such as grey, steel blue, or even white. Neutral surfaces that are clean and have a modern colour make a better impression compared to quirky hues that might only appeal to a smaller pool of buyers.
Before You Sell5. Deal With Your Pets
You might love animals, but not all buyers might feel the same way and certainly won’t tolerate any remnants of pets, including shedding, litter boxes, chewed up toys, or pet odours. If possible, keep your pet with a friend or family member before you sell, and be sure to get rid of all signs of your furry friend. If your pet must stay, just do your best to keep the place as clean and odour-free as possible.
6. Get Rid of Foul Odours
Aside from pets, other sources can cause your home to smell funky, such as last night’s fish dinner or even cigarette smoke. Take the time to deodorize your home and leave it smelling fresh and clean. Just don’t overdo it with the air fresheners or scented candles.
7. Get Your Home Professionally Staged
Impressions matter, especially when it comes to selling a home. A home that’s been furnished and decorated tastefully and according to what buyers in the area are looking for have a much higher chance of selling quickly and for more money. That’s where a professional home stager comes into the picture. Investing in these experts can help make it a lot easier to find a willing buyer, and the price you wind up selling for will more than cover the money spent on hiring these service providers.

Before You Sell, Call Hope Designs

If selling for top dollar in a minimal amount of time is on your agenda, then have your home professionally staged by the experts at Hope Designs. With a long track record of helping sellers sell their homes in record time and often over asking, we know precisely what needs to be done to achieve a successful sale. Call us today and book your consultation!