Tips to Designing Your Home’s Hallway

January 10, 2020
design your home's hallway

When you think of spaces in your home to design and decorate, you might think of your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. But you probably wouldn’t give much thought to your home’s hallway. After all, it’s not like you spend much time in this space. Instead, it’s just meant to connect rooms that you would spend time in.

But the thing is, your hallway deserves some attention. While you might not hang out in the hallway, you’re in there very frequently as you navigate through your home. So consider giving it a redesign when the time calls for it. Here are some design tips for your home’s hallway.

Add Some Lighting

While a chandelier may be something you’d hang over the centre of your dining room table, why not add one in the centre of your hallway for some added drama! Adding lighting to your hallway can draw the eyes up, especially if your ceilings are on the low side. Plus, hallways can often be dark and dingy, so adding adequate lighting can help illuminate the space and make it seem larger.

Implement Crown Moulding

You can further add to the drama of the space by adding some crown moulding to the ceiling of your hallway. Otherwise, a higher baseboard is another great feature to add to the hallway to make it look more sophisticated and elegant.

Be Mindful of the Paint Colour

Neutrals are always a safe and simple yet elegant way to colour a home and all rooms within it. If your hallway is particularly tight and doesn’t have the benefit of a lot of natural light flowing through it, consider opting for a lighter tone, including white. Also, consider the layout of your home when choosing a colour to paint your hallway.

For instance, an open concept floor plan might make it trickier to paint the hallway in a different colour than the rest of the attached rooms, unless you go with a hue that blends well with the overall colour scheme. Otherwise, feel free to experiment.

Install Sophisticated Doors

Take into consideration any doors leading off from the hallway – including bedrooms and the like. If they’re looking worn and outdated, it may be time for a change. And on the main level, consider installing French doors. While these aren’t exactly the most affordable pieces in the world, but they can make a massive difference in the overall look and feel of the space.

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