Tips to Decorate and Stage Your Small Condo Balcony

August 23, 2019
Stage Your Small Condo Balcony

If you’re a condo dweller, having a little bit of outdoor space is a blessing, and that’s exactly why balconies are so highly coveted. But for the most part, condo balconies aren’t exactly very spacious. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make yours spectacular.

Whether you’re just looking to spruce up your balcony for your own enjoyment or are staging to sell, here are some tips to decorating your condo’s small balcony.

Furnish With the Right Size Pieces

Outfitting your balcony with furniture can extend your living space to the outdoors. You can dine out there or simply lounge as you would in your living room, and with a dining table and chairs, or sofas and loungers, the balcony is a great place to expand your living quarters.

But when you do choose pieces, make sure they’re of the appropriate scale. You don’t want to overload the small space with pieces that are far too large or bulky, which can make the space seem even smaller. Select scaled-down pieces that will allow for enough flow, or else consider chairs and tables that can be folded up and taken out of the way when not in use. 

Use Colour Strategically

You may be hesitant to experiment with bright colours in your interior, but outdoors is a different story. You can be freer to toss in bold colours in this outdoor space. Consider inserting bright hues into accessories such as outdoor area rugs, throw pillows, flowers, and pots. And whenever you get tired of the colours that are there, you can easily change things up.

Add an Outdoor Rug

You can really add a lot of depth and dimension to your balcony by laying a colourful outdoor area rug. This decorative piece can add that “wow” factor that the space may be lacking and can help tie your overall style scheme together. Just be sure to choose a rug that’s specifically meant for the outdoors. 

Add Outdoor Lighting

You can amp up the ambiance on your balcony by adding outdoor lighting, whether it’s in the form of a string of lights or solar lanterns to set the tone. 

Use Benches For Dining Seating

Benches provide more seating space without taking up as much space as several chairs would. If you enjoy eating meals outdoors, bench seating might work great. 

Include Plants

When it comes to tiny balconies, plants and flowers are a must. You don’t have the same level of greenery as you would in a typical backyard, so you need to compensate with such potted plants and flowers in varying sizes and colours.

Need More Help Decorating or Staging Your Condo Balcony?

If you’re stumped on how to make the most of your balcony, call the pros. At Hope Designs, we’ve got plenty of experience in the realm of decorating and staging condos, including the balconies that come with them. Call Hope Designs today to book your consultation!