Tips to Accessorizing When Staging Your Toronto Home

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September 7, 2022

Accessorizing your Toronto home is typically one of the last steps to home staging before you’re ready to host your first showing. But there’s an art to accessorizing and involves a little forethought rather than simply throwing a bunch of items together.

Consider the following tips when accessorizing to stage your home.

Arrange Accessories in Different Sizes and Odd Numbers

When it comes to accessorizing your home, uniformity isn’t always best.

In fact, you may want to consider adding different-sized accessories and arrange them in odd numbers to create an interesting feel to the space. Different heights and odd numbers are more appealing to the eye.

For example, if you’ve got a bunch of vases or candles, consider adding 3 or 5 of them, rather than 2 or 4. Also, varying their height can also make a big visual impact rather than adding several of the same size.

Also, avoid adding too many artifacts, as this can make the space look too messy and cluttered. Keep things simple.

Keep Things in Balance

While arranging accessories in varying sizes and odd numbers may be a tip worth following, you should still maintain some sense of harmony with your accessories.

For example, the items you group together should have some things in common, such as colour, texture, or shape. While all the same height vases in the same colour may be bland, a uniform colour will work well if you change things up in height. This makes things a little more visually interesting.

That said, you can still play around with different shades of the same hue to add more visual depth.

Arrange Accessories in a Triangle Vignette

Rather than placing items in a straight line across, consider adding some depth to the arrangement by placing each object in such a way that it creates a triangle shape.

For instance, one item may be out in front, another may be further back and to the left, and the last item may be even further back and to the right.

The triangle vignette is a classic formation when it comes to arranging accessories.

For more tips on accessorizing your Toronto home when staging it for sale, get in touch with the experts at Hope Designs today!