Tips For Finding Storage Space in Your Home

May 31, 2020
Storage Space in Your Home

While small homes certainly have a challenge when it comes to storage space, even larger homes can face the same issue. The thing is, you need places to store your household items. Otherwise, you risk leaving your home’s interior looking overly cluttered, which isn’t a good thing whether you’re trying to sell your home or are simply looking to streamline your interior decor.

The good news is, there may be storage spaces in your home that you may not have thought about before, including the following.

Roll-Away Drawer Under the Bed

Instead of dedicating the space under your bed for dust bunnies to accumulate, you can use it to store things like linens, books, and other knick-knacks that you think you may not have the room for. Get yourself a drawer on wheels that is large enough to store many of your belongings while being easily accessible by rolling it out from underneath.

Place a Decorative Hamper on Your Deck

While the porch or deck tends to be a common place for items to accumulate – such as umbrellas, shoes, patio pillows, etc – you can store some of these items without making the space look cluttered. To do so, place a decorative box or hamper on the porch that can store whatever you need hidden while keeping things neat and orderly.

Stock a Non-Functional Fireplace

These days, homeowners prefer the use of gas fireplaces over traditional fire-burning ones that are more messy than anything else. If your home still has an old-fashioned fireplace that isn’t in use, consider using that space to store some of your belongings, such as books and pillows. In fact, you can transform the fireplace insert into a space that actually lends itself to the overall style and look of your interior if stocked appropriately.

Store Items on Top of Your Kitchen Cupboards

If your kitchen cupboards do not extend all the way to the ceiling, you may be able to use that extra few inches of space between the tops of the cupboards and the ceiling to store items. It’s a great place to house many kitchen items that only come out to be used once in a while, such as Christmas platters or birthday cake holders. Any of your kitchen gadgets can be neatly stored atop your cupboards in decorative boxes to make your home look organized instead of messy.

The key here is to get creative. You might not have ample square footage in your house or specifically-dedicated storage space, but there may be some nooks and crannies that you can use to transform into smart storage spaces that can even enhance the style of your home.

For more storage ideas and to revamp your home’s interior, call the experts at Hope Designs to schedule a design consultation!