Things to Know Before Renovating Your Home

March 29, 2021
Things to Know Before Renovating Your Home

Before you take hammer to nail and start a renovation project, there are a few important tidbits of information that you should know first.

Be Prepared For Changes

No matter how well your project is planned out, there will likely be changes to be made along the way, no matter how minor or major. Once you start knocking things down and tearing things apart, you may find things that you didn’t know were there before. Plus, you may change your mind about certain aspects of the plan or design, and it’s OK to make the appropriate changes to reflect your new vision.

Account For Overspending

No matter what your budget is for your renovation project, be sure to add at least another 10% on top of that to account for unforeseen issues that will have to be dealt with. This extra financial padding will help ensure that these expenses can be easily covered without you having to scramble to find the extra cash or cut corners so that the project comes within budget.

Use a Change Order if Changes Need to Be Made

A change order is a document that is used to record a modification to your original contract. They create a record of any added services that you receive to accommodate these changes, along with the costs associated with these services. It’s always recommended to have a change order in effect if any modifications to your project must be made.

Hire a Project Manager

Depending on the extent of your renovation, you may want to consider hiring a project manager to oversee the job. Unless you plan to take holidays for weeks while the project is underway, having a project manager in your place can save you a ton of time and stress.

If you’re looking for a project management team and an experienced interior design team to help you bring your renovation project through to fruition, call Hope Designs!