Suggestions for Staging a Front Entrance

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March 24, 2014

There is nothing like first impressions. A staged home is one that captures the beauty of spaces, and the first space that anyone encounters is usually a front entrance or foyer. You want that space to be magnificent.
The best way to do that is to hire professionals who know just how to create a spark in any space. Front entrances can be particularly difficult and are often one of the spaces that are overlooked. Here are just a few things that are often taken into consideration when staging front entrances.
1. Declutter
This means removing all personal items, such as coats, umbrellas, shoes, bags, and purses. Believe it or not, it can make people think in the back of their minds that there may not be enough space for their own stuff. Removing areas like the front foyer of any clutter when staging means that there is plenty of space to put away anything that the potential buyer may need to put away.
2. Pay attention to where your eyes go
When stepping into any room, paying attention to where your eyes are drawn is important. This is particularly true with front entrances. Or even a better idea, ask a friend or other person besides yourself. If there are any blemishes, nail holes, or anything that is observable soon after stepping in, make sure you address them.
3. Flooring
Flooring in an entryway is pivotal to making a solid first impression. The nice thing about front entrances is that they are often small, so if you do need to do fresh tiling, it may be a reasonably cost effective improvement.
4. Closets
In regards to the coat closet, consider giving the impression that there is plenty of storage by actually clearing out a majority of the closet items that are in there. Aim for having that entryway closet half to two thirds empty.
5. Lighting
In general you want this first impression to be warm, bright, and inviting. That means making sure the space is well-lit. It also means having any window treatments that you may have open. If you don’t have a light fixture, consider adding a lamp. And a nice touch is often a mirror, which is both practical, as well as gives the impression of additional and light.
6. Create an entryway
If the house doesn’t technically have an entryway, create one. You can arrange the furniture to make a “room” that wasn’t there before. If space permits, you could add a table, a wall organizer, a light fixture, a nice rug, or even a decorative screen. All of these create the illusion of having a separate space, which can truly improve that first impact of walking through the front door.
One last general concern when staging a front entryway is that depending on the layout of your house, you may need to be concerned about people entering from other places. It looks more welcoming to ensure that guests come in the front door rather than through a side door or garage. Make sure they come in the intended way. This is the best way to establish a first impression that is exactly what you want it to be: marvelous.
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