Staging Luxury Properties: 5 Tips to a Successful Sale

April 29, 2017

Toronto has experienced an incredibly hot housing market over the past few years, with housing prices skyrocketing thanks to tight inventory, low-interest rates, and population growth. In December alone, the average sales price spiked 20% compared to the same time the year before. In fact, Toronto realized the strongest gains in sales compared to any other Canadian city in 2016.
At the same time, the luxury housing market in Toronto saw prices jump approximately 32% in 2016.
Staging Luxury PropertiesHaving said that, staging a luxury home for sale is still very much an important task to undertake. Appealing to the right buyers is critical to a successful sale. Considering the stiff competition out there, anything that can be done to make a home stand out from the crowd is a welcomed endeavour.
Here are 5 tips to staging luxury properties to help sell quickly and for top dollar.
Add Original Artwork
Artwork is a must for any property, especially when it comes to staging to sell. However, as far as luxury homes are concerned, original artwork from famous artists can really go a long way at impressing buyers. You can always buy a piece or two, or you can keep costs down by renting them while your home is on the market. The majority of artists are often more than happy to showcase their art with sellers of expensive homes for sale. Their artwork can also entice buyers to hang around your home for longer as they discuss the pieces you’ve got on display, and the longer they stick around, the better.
Use Luxurious Fabrics and Textiles
Making use of opulent fabrics and linens will breath more life into your home and provide it with an added level of elegance. Only the highest quality materials should be used in any given space. For instance, high thread-count linens in the bedroom and plush cotton towels and robes in the bathroom will make your home feel like a 5-star hotel.
Staging Luxury PropertiesUpdate Your Garage
Most luxury homebuyers will likely have luxury cars, so they’ll certainly want to park them in a garage that’s appropriately outfitted and decorated. As such, make sure you’ve finished the floors, walls, and even the ceilings of the garage. Add more storage and replace any old shelving. Replace the garage door with a modern one that makes the garage look just as good on the outside.
Infuse Culture
A luxury home for sale in Toronto should have an air of high culture. You can infuse such culture by taking your staging efforts to the next level, such as placing a baby grand piano in the living room or foyer, for instance. Over-the-top decor ideas like this should not be skimped on when staging luxury properties for sale.
Sell a Luxury Lifestyle
Luxury buyers aren’t just buying a home – they’re buying a certain lifestyle. Give that to them. Show them that the home you’re selling is one of luxury and comfort. While it’s typically advised to take down personal photos in order to make the home look like no one lives there at the current moment, you might want to leave a few pictures of high-end vacations such as tropical resorts, ski chalets, and so forth to remind potential buyers that they can enjoy the same types of experiences even if they purchase the home.
Furnish With Non-Matching Pieces
One trait of luxury homes is that furniture pieces rarely ever match. Even though the pieces always complement each other, professional home stagers in Toronto will rarely decorate using ‘sets’, such as a sofa with a matching chair, loveseat and end tables. When staging a luxury home, it’s advisable to use integrated textiles and materials and styles that ‘go’ together to create a cohesive space.

Hope Designs – Staging Luxury Properties With Great Success

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