Staging a Home to Increase Its Value


April 5, 2016

Every homeowner who lists their property for sale wants to get the highest dollar figure for it. While the current local market and the values of surrounding properties has a huge influence on what your specific home is worth, staging a home to increase its value is a practice you should adopt before placing your home up for sale.
The majority of homeowners understand the importance of keeping their homes clean and clutter-free while their home is on the market. After all, nobody wants to meander through a home showing only to constantly come across dirty dishes, clothes led on the floor, or toys in the way.
But it’s important to take that extra step to make your home more attractive in the eyes of the average buyer. Staging a home to increase its value can be done in a number of ways, all of which should be incorporated into your overall staging plans.

Staging a Home to Increase Its Value – Boost Curb Appeal

The first thing that buyers will see when they approach your home is the front yard. For this reason, you’ll want to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior with a few tactics to boost curb appeal:

  • Trim the grass
  • Plant some shrubs
  • Tend to weeds
  • Add flower beds
  • Paint the front door
  • Eliminate debris and dirt in the entrance
  • Improve outdoor lighting

All of these tasks are simple ones that can really improve the look and feel of your home, and even add to its value.

Staging a Home to Increase Its Value – Neutralize

If you’ve got pink wall paint, 1970s rugs, and a plethora of collections scattered all over your home, it’s time to do something about it. While you might be lucky enough to come across a buyer out there who actually shares the same quirky tastes as you, odds are most homebuyers will be looking for something different. While everyone has their own tastes, there are ways to neutralize your interior to appeal to the masses:

  • Choose a neutral wall paint colour
  • Simplify furniture choices
  • Tuck your collections away
  • Put your family photos away

Buyers want to be able to see themselves in your home, and by neutralizing its decor, you can increase the odds of that happening.

Staging a Home to Increase Its Value – Furnish

If your home is vacant, it’s not really doing anything to show buyers how they can use your space. It’s challenging to understand the actual size of a room and its use if there’s nothing in it – buyers can’t tell the difference if it’s empty. Potential buyers also have no idea what to do with a room or how to arrange furniture in it. That’s why it’s important to ensure that it’s properly furnished in order to show buyers how your space can be utilized to its highest and best use.
Completing these tasks can really make a difference in how buyers value your home and the price that you can get for it. To boost the value of your property and increase the dollar figure you see on an incoming offer, let the professionals in home staging take care of things for you. Hope Designs is an award-winning team of home stagers that has helped countless homeowners get the money they ask for – if not more! Call Hope Designs today!