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March 23, 2011

Staged and SOLD!
Staging played a key role in selling this gorgeous home located in Vaughan, Ont.
Our Team of movers assisted by removing excess furniture and de-cluttering the home.
The Hope Designs Team brought in contemporary furniture, area rugs, updated lamps and decor items to ensure that this home stood out from the competition.
The list price increased dramatically after the house was staged, achieving one of the highest market value prices SOLD in the area.
“The home sold for $94,000 more than the highest sales to date for that street, and $119,000 more than the most recent sale on Foxwood Road, Vaughan Ontario in July 2009. I believe that this achievement was due, in part, to your staging efforts. Thanks Lori and your team for your excellent work!” -Claire Franceschetti, Sales Representative, Re/Max.

Hope Designs Home Staging Toronto

Hope Designs Home Staging Toronto

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