How To Stage Your Woodbridge Home On Your Own


May 19, 2017

If you’re planning to list your Woodbridge home anytime soon, you’ll want to prep it for the market if you want to sell in a short amount of time and command the highest dollar amount. The best way to do that is to stage your Woodbridge home by following these important suggestions.
Stage Your Woodbridge homeEnhance Curb Appeal
The first thing prospective buyers will see is the exterior of your home. When they pull up to the curb, what type of impression will they have of your home? You want to make your home is inviting rather than off-putting.
It’s not uncommon for buyers to refuse to even enter a home if they don’t like what they see from an exterior point of view. Boost your curb appeal by mowing the lawn, plucking the weeds, power washing your driveway, refreshing your front door, washing your windows, and hanging some fresh flower baskets. A little effort can go a long way.
Clean Your Home From Top to Bottom
When you stage your Woodbridge home, every surface will need to be cleaned, including floors, counters, and even walls if necessary. Cleaning your home is one of the easiest ways to boost it’s esthetic appeal. If you’re not too inclined to clean, you can always hire a cleaning company to come in and do a one-day cleaning job on your behalf. Buyers will appreciate it.
Stage Your Woodbridge homeClear the Clutter
If you’re serious about selling your home, the clutter needs to go. While you don’t necessarily have to make your home look like a museum, you should still take the time to put away anything that should not be laying out. Get rid of anything that makes your home look messy and unsightly. If necessary, start purging stuff now and either donate it or chuck it altogether.
Arrange Your Furniture Properly
Make sure the furniture in each room matches the size and function of each space when you stage your Woodbridge home. Small spaces shouldn’t have over-sized furniture – this will only make the room feel smaller. Consider symmetrical furniture arrangements for your living spaces. If the space permits, pull sofas and tables away from the walls, and ensure that your arrangement allows for optimal traffic flow.
Go With Stylish Neutral Colours
If you’ve got any eclectic colours that are only attractive to a small group of people, now is the time to make the switch to neutral hues, such as grey, taupe, or “greige” (grey and beige combined). This will help create a sophisticated canvas that will help make everything look more cohesive.

Stage Your Woodbridge Home With Hope Designs

If all of this seems a little out of your reach, don’t fret. There are professionals in staging homes that can step in and take over for you. At Hope Designs, we can stage your Woodbridge home and position it for a quick sale for top dollar. Call and book a consultation with Hope Designs today!