Why Should I Stage My Toronto Home?

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November 13, 2014

Why Should I Stage My Home? It Will Sell Eventually, Won’t It?
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Does the following scenario sound familiar to you?
You’ve got to sell your home – quickly even – but you’re not overly concerned because your home is located in a desirable Toronto-area neighbourhood on a great street. You’ve hired a real state agent, and are pretty confident that the “For Sale” sign on your front lawn won’t be up for long, as buyers will be lining up on your driveway eager to put in an offer.
But after a few weeks, you’ve still got no bite, and are becoming increasingly nervous about possibly getting stuck with two mortgages as the new house you’ve purchased is nearing its closing date.
So what’s the problem?
Heeding the Advice of Home Staging From Your Realtor
Perhaps your real estate agent recommended that you stage your home before placing it on the market. However, believing that your home would sell eventually, you decided against it, and let the neighbourhood and the solid features of your home speak for themselves.
But this isn’t really working as well as you would have hoped.
Many sellers believe that they can just put a sign up and that’s enough, but many buyers simply don’t fall for that. They want a home that’s move-in ready so all they have to do is back up the moving truck, unload their belongings, and start living their new life.
When sellers refuse to believe that staging their homes for the market is important, they can suffer financial consequences. It can result in a lower final selling price. After a long time on the market, home sellers may feel insulted because they’re only getting offers that are well below listing price.
Making Your Home Show-Ready for Buyers
In order to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, you’ve got to essentially “wow” home buyers. Investing in a home stager can help you get that money back in spades after a quick sale of your home. Even if it costs you $2,000 to stage your home, you could potentially get an exponentially increased amount back when your home sells.
It’s a proven fact that professionally staged homes sell faster than homes that are not staged. This means less money spent on carrying costs, and money saved that would have otherwise been spent on two mortgages.
Professionally staged homes are proven to be capable of getting more money on the final sale price compared to those that are not staged. So whatever money you spent paying your home stager can come back to you when you sell, even five-fold!
Hope Designs – Your Professional Home Stager
If you are thinking of putting your home up for sale, do yourself a favour and have it professionally staged by Hope Designs. These experts are seasoned in the realm of staging properties, and their projects have helped buyers sell their homes quickly and for a great deal more had they not staged it! Visit www.HopeDesigns.ca for a gallery of before and after photos!