SOLD in under 2 weeks for full list price, Mutual St Toronto staged by Hope Designs

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April 10, 2007

SOLD in under 2 weeks for full list price, Mutual St Toronto
Growing up North of the GTA condos were nonexistent in my day to day life. I had never even been in a condo, never mind stage one!
But a few months ago when I got a call from a Realtor client of mine to come and take a look at his Condo to prepare a quote to stage it, I jumped on it!
Needless to say I was both excited and trepidations all at the same time!
Although I had been staging for several years I had no experience staging a downtown Condo…
Here’s what I learned:
* Make friends with the concierge, he/she holds the golden ticket
(to the elevator that is)
* Book parking and the service elevator well in advance
* Bring a huge bag of change. Because the FREE parking spots you
were promised are nonexistent
* Measure, measure and measure again! Tiny spaces can be very
* Position your furniture in your warehouse or even your backyard
prior to lugging it all the way there, only to find out it’s too big! (600
sq ft. can be fills up very quickly)!!
* Add at least 2 hours to your estimated time (the elevator issue
* Pack your bins + bags etc wisely, there is NO ROOM to drop your
accessories to sort and pick through looking for that perfect Vase
* Utilize one or two large pieces of art as opposed to multiple
smaller pieces
* BRING A DRILL, the walls are concrete (who knew)? Finishing nails
Bend like plastic, we learned that lesson the hard way!
I would definitely attempt staging a condo again in lieu of the positive
results SOLD in under 2 weeks for full list.
But my advice to any novices out there is prior to attempting to stage your
first Condo I would suggest mentoring with one of our great CSP team of
Mentors. This should save you from having to learn the hard way as I did!
The morale of the story is plan, plan, plan and then plan again! Oh and
wear your running shoes, it’s a LONG way down!
Submitted by Lori Howard, owner of Hope Designs, Visit my profile here: Lori is a Certified Canadian Staging Professional serving Toronto, Caledon. and the GTA since 2007.
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