Selling? Top 5 Renovations For a Quick Sale


April 13, 2017

If you’re ready to put your home on the market, you might want to take a look around first to identify any components that need some sprucing up. After all, buyers will typically want a home that’s move-in ready before they consider putting an offer, and they ultimately want to be impressed with what they see.
But before you start ripping things out, think carefully about the types of remodelling jobs you want to have done in your home, as not all will necessarily bring in a sizeable return on investment. When it comes time to sell, focus your attention and efforts on the following renovations for a quick sale that tend to rake in the highest ROI.
Renovations For a Quick Sale1. New Flooring
Sophisticated buyers have come to expect hardwood flooring in homes they look at and consider buying, and they certainly don’t expect any outdated wall-to-wall carpeting. If your flooring is currently out of date or is showing serious signs of wear and tear, then it may be time for a change, regardless of whether or not you’re selling.
One of the first things that people notice when they walk into a home are the floors, considering the expansive surface area they cover. If you already have hardwood, consider having them sanded down and restained. If not, think about installing new hardwood – or even engineered wood – to give your home a completely new look that will be sure to impress buyers.
2. New Light Fixtures and Hardware
Many homeowners tackle extensive renovations shortly before selling in order to make their home appear more modern, up-to-date, and attractive to prospective buyers, but sometimes something as simple as changing the light fixtures or hardware on doors and cabinets is just enough to spruce up an interior and make it look much more attractive.
Even seemingly unassuming elements like switch plates and drawer pulls can transform various rooms in the house. If your home is currently sporting dated fixtures, just a few hundred bucks and an afternoon can be all that your home needs to be market ready.
3. Refaced Kitchen
The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important room in a home and is one that should be in tip-top shape when you’re selling. It’s certainly worth the time and effort spent bringing this particular space up to par before placing your home on the market. Having said that, it’s critical that you do not over-improve the space and spend more than necessary.
Renovations For a Quick SaleDoing so will put you at risk of not recouping the money spent, or even turning off buyers, especially if the neighbourhood doesn’t call for the finishes you’ve used. All you’ll be doing is spending way more money than necessary creating a room that’s more than what buyers in the area would be willing to have to pay for. Often all that’s needed is refacing the cabinets, switching up the knobs and handles, installing new countertops, and even swapping your old sink and faucet for a new one.
4. Updated Bathrooms
Bathrooms are other spaces that should be given attention and can play a key role in the value of your property as well as how much your home commands at the negotiating table. Much like the kitchen, over-spending and over-improving is unnecessary unless the room is a total disaster. Typically, however, you can get away with new tiling, shower door, vanity, and toilet, and this otherwise small room can make a big impact.
5. Fresh Coat of Paint
We’ve possibly saved the best for last. While not necessarily a “renovation” per se, a new paint job can certainly go a long way at drastically improving a space while bringing in the highest ROI. Considering the relatively low cost to paint, the boost in property value that it can bring makes this job well worth it if you’re planning to sell in the near future and are ready to tackle some renovations for a quick sale. In fact, the return on investment for a new coat of paint is as much as 165%! That’s reason enough to take a day or two to splash a new colour (preferably neutral) across your walls.

Renovations For a Quick Sale – Let the Pros at Hope Designs Help

You want your home to look as good as it possibly can when it’s on the market for sale. But certain projects hold more weight as far as adding perceived value goes. At Hope Designs, we have plenty of experience tackling renovations for a quick sale so you can get your home off that market as fast as it went up. Call Hope Designs to have your home professionally staged today!