Selling This Summer? Improve Curb Appeal First


August 8, 2016

Toronto Home StagersAre you thinking of selling your home some time soon? If so, you’re best bet is to improve curb appeal on your Toronto home first.
Why? Before buyers even step foot over the threshold of your front door and into the interior of your home they’ll first see the outside as they pull up. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and curb appeal speaks volumes when it comes to this.
When you improve the curb appeal on your home, you’re ensuring that buyers will have a positive reaction to it, which will entice them to want to see what lies behind the door.

How Do You Improve Curb Appeal?

Clean up – The first thing you should do to get your home ready for the market and improve curb appeal is clean up your yard and front entrance. Any leaves on the lawn should be raked up, and any overgrown grass needs to be cut. All those weeds should be pulled, and dead branches and leaves on your bushes and trees should be trimmed. The area around your front door should be free and clear of any debris, so remove old garden tools, old newspapers or anything else that has been piling up. All these efforts go a long way to help improve curb appeal.
Home Staging TorontoBoost landscaping – If your lawn is seriously lacking any greenery and colour, then it’s time to do a little planting. It’s amazing at what a little landscaping can do to improve curb appeal. Plant some flower beds and add some bushes. Anything you can add to the exterior of your home to bring a little colour and natural green can do wonders to improve the esthetics of your home’s exterior.
Enhance your front door – If your front door is old and in bad shape, you’ll need to take measures to update it. Sand the door down and repaint it, or change/add a window insert to improve its looks. Add a new ‘welcome’ mat, and replace your house numbers there are some great looking low cost options available. If your door is in really rough shape, consider replacing it altogether. Spending a little money here can greatly improve curb appeal and help you command more money upon the sale of your Toronto home.
Stage Your Toronto Home With Hope Designs
It’s a proven fact – Home Staging Toronto helps homes sell faster and for more money compared to homes that have not been improved. It just makes sense to take that extra step to stage your home and improve curb appeal with the help of expert home stagers. At Hope Designs, we’ve got plenty of projects under our belts that have helped homes sell for well over their original listing price!
If you’re in the midst of selling your home, improve curb appeal and have it professionally staged by the pros at Hope Designs!