Your Room-By-Room Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Lighting

October 11, 2017

Picking out the right light fixtures for your home is a detail that you don’t want to overlook. In fact, lighting may seem to take a back seat to other types of decor and elements in a home, but its presence can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a space.
That said, deciding which types of light fixtures are appropriate for each type of space can be tough.
When it comes to lighting, you need to be organized and take things room by room.
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Lighting in the entrance is very important because it helps to make a home look very welcoming and inviting. As such, you should make sure that you set the right mood at the front door. In this type of space, a great choice would be a chandelier, which can make the area look very elegant, or even a large floor lamp to set the mood. If there is any artwork hanging on the walls, you can easily highlight them with accent lights.

Living Room

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The living room should be properly balanced, and you can easily do that with the right lighting. This space is typically very flexible when it comes to lighting – it can be used for entertainment as well a place to chill out. Consider adding permanent light fixtures, such as pendant lamps or chandeliers. You might also want to consider wall sconces to highlight your artwork.
A large chandelier can be the focal point of the living space; just make sure that it matches the style of the room. Of course, floor or table lamps let you change up the mood in no time. Don’t forget the dimmer switches to help you set the right mood for the space depending on what you’re using it for at any given time.

Dining Room

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Probably one of the easiest rooms in a home to outfit with lighting is the dining room because the dining table always is the focal point of the space. Typically, chandeliers are selected for this room but pendant lights are also widely used. That said, you could even add a lamp or accent lights to place the emphasis on a specific accent feature in the room.


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The kitchen requires varied and more complex lighting because this room doesn’t necessarily have a single focal point. For this reason, you need overhead lighting for basic tasks but also some extra lighting in spots such as over the sink, bar, or kitchen island where pendant lights would work really well. Spotlights embedded in the ceiling may also a good option, as they can give you the flexibility to position the light in important areas.


The best choice for the bedroom would be warm light because it is more restful. Task lighting is typically used on the night tables, but wall sconces can also be used in these areas. You may also want to consider accent lights to highlight some art or a photo or pendant lights in place of lamps. A dimmer switch in the bedroom is a must-have to allow you to create the ideal ambiance in the space.


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You can go with a variety of different lighting in the bathroom. For starters, a nice chandelier hanging from the centre of the ceiling will help create a warm atmosphere. Sconces beside or above the vanity mirror provide the necessary task lighting needed, but they work best when they are placed near your face height. And as always, don’t forget the dimmer switch!

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