Renovating Your Condo: Tips and Advice to Creating an Amazing Home

January 17, 2018

So you’ve found a condo that you absolutely love, put in an offer and it was accepted! Congrats! Now it’s time to think about renovating your condo and move in and make it your own.
But what if the condo isn’t exactly up to par in terms of design and decor? What if the place doesn’t quite work for you in its present state, though it’s got plenty of potentials to be something really great?
That’s when it might be time to consider renovating your condo to not only improve the aesthetics of the place but also to make it much more in-tune with your lifestyle.
If a condo renovation is on the agenda, here are some tips to make sure it goes smoothly and the end result is something you truly love.
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Communicate With Your Condo Corporation

First things first. Before you even start drafting up a blueprint of your condo, it’s imperative that you inform the condo corporation of your plans. Without their consent, you could be putting yourself in hot water.
Your condo corporation has certain rules and regulations that you will need to follow in terms of when work can be done to minimize noise, and so forth. There will likely be limits on the number of work hours and when the work can be completed. For instance, other residents in the building won’t want to hear any noise in the middle of the night or early on weekend mornings.
This entity will also help you out with the permit process so that work can get started sooner rather than later and to ensure that the work is done to code. You will also need to reserve a time slot for the service elevator to bring all the materials up and down.
You will also need to submit your plans to the condo board. Not only are they experienced with renovations in their building, they’ll also be able to give you some suggestions and fill you in on what your restrictions may be if any.
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Choose the Right Type of Project

You obviously want to improve the looks and flow of your condo unit, but certain projects can do that better than others. When it comes to condos, there are specific renovations that can really add to the value of your condo.
For instance, condos tend to be short on square footage, and hence don’t always come with a ton of storage space. As such, a great renovation job should include additional storage. Extending your storage space in your condo – both vertically and horizontally – can help you take advantage of a lot of space that would otherwise be left unused. No matter what type of renovation job you do, incorporating extra storage cabinets should be considered.
When renovating, also take into consideration where your electrical outlets will be placed. You don’t want to have to see wires running along the walls or floors in order to reach their destinations. Think about how you plan to lay out your condo in terms of furniture and lighting. Doing so will give you a better idea of where electrical outlets should be installed for most effective use.
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Consult With a Professional Designer When Renovating Your Condo

To make sure you get the best design for your condo, you’d be well advised to consult with the experts in this field. Doing so will help you get an entirely personalized design that will work well for you and your lifestyle. This is not a project you want to undertake on a regular basis, so getting it right the first time around is always best.
At Hope Designs, we’ve got plenty of experience renovating condos, townhouses, semi-detached properties and detached homes. With our long and successful track record of condo renovations under our belt, we know a thing or two about what it takes to come up with a solid condo design.
Call Hope Designs today if renovating your condo is on your mind!