Putting Your House on the Market in Toronto?

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June 5, 2014

Thinking of putting your house on the market in Toronto? Then is home staging right for you?
For those selling their home, an obvious question is how to best prepare your home for the market, sell it quickly and for the price you want. The Real Estate market in Toronto and The GTA is fiercely competitive and as such you will want to make sure you have done all that you can do to make sure your home sells!is home staging right for you by Hope Designs bedroom with custom headboard 570x259
You have most likely heard of the practice of staging a home. The question then becomes: is it needed? Does home staging work? Does home staging really make a difference?
Simply put, staging a home is the process of preparing your home for sale. Trained stagers know the ins ands outs and the science behind selling. We recognize that buyers purchase on emotion and have the ability to merchandise and style homes in order to make them irresistible to buyers.
The general idea is that buyers are willing to pay more for homes that are ready to move into rather than a home that requires a ton of renovating and upgrades. Buyers have a tough time using their imagination to see a homes’ potential.
When done well, home staging can sell a home within minutes of the buyer walking through the front door.
Skilled home staging services go beyond just a fresh coat of paint and de-cluttering they help people envision what living there will be like, as well as what it will be like to raise a family there. Psychologically speaking, that is hugely important in order to “close the deal”.
Think of all of the options that home buyers have in the GTA when you are considering whether home staging is right for you. Toronto is a large city and there are literally hundreds of houses out there that look like yours and are in the same price range. The difference between your house and another may come down your ability to differentiate your home from the competition.
As a general rule of thumb we suggest you sell your homes’ benefits, not just it’s features. If you are merely selling home buyers on the fact that you have a 35 by 30 foot kitchen based on its size, then you’re not going to stand out amongst the competition. Your house will merely blend in with the comparables. You haven’t added any perceived value for the home buyer.
On the other hand, if you are using psychology and enlist in the help of a home stager to create a lifestyle for buyers, your kitchen will then be viewed in a different light. All of a sudden buyers imagine all of the amazing meals that can be cooked and enjoyed with their family, how the experience of cooking can be shared amongst the entire family because there is room for all of them in your wonderfully large kitchen, then you have something. It’s not just about selling them on your list price. It’s about making them want to live there, it’s about creating emotions and spaces buyers will fall in love with.
Home staging in the GTA or surrounding areas will put your home above and beyond all the rest. It isn’t just about cleaning and de-cluttering and depersonalizing the house, it’s about creating a lifestyle.
Quality professional home stagers have gone through a multitude of training and have the experience in order to understand what truly helps a house sell at the best price in your location, as well as what turns a possible buyer into one that actually buys.
They are masters at choosing just the right paint tones. They are experts at choosing furniture that suits the home and appeals to your target buyer.
An experienced home stager is an authority on all the overwhelming decisions that end up creating one overall package that potential buyers are going to love.
If you are concerned about selling your home and have questions about how to best represent it to possible buyers then please contact us and we will be happy to walk you through the process.
In the end a professional home stager will become an integral part of your team that you enlist to sell your home.
Look no further call Hope Designs at 416-557-7903 and get your house on the market ready to make an impact!