Popular Interior Door Styles to Consider For Your Toronto Home

October 24, 2019
Interior Door Styles

There are so many different components of interior design, but some are more emphasized than others while many are often overlooked. Take interior doors, for example. These components are not only highly functional, but they also serve an important esthetic purpose too. In fact, interior doors in a home can make a massive difference on look and feel of a space. And not only is their material important, so is their colour and accents.

Let’s take a look at some popular interior door trends you may want to consider for your Toronto home.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are not exactly a trend but more of a staple and have been popular interior door choices among homeowners for years. These common door styles are simple in nature but can still stand out in any type of interior. There are all sorts of variations of panel doors and their appearance can be either modern or traditional. They’re also available in glazed or unglazed versions to natural light to filter in.

French Doors

Another timeless interior door style are French doors, which are elegant in nature and tend to blend in well with interiors while not imposing too much on space. Their transparent layers allow them to blend in seamlessly with an interior.

Cottage Doors

Period homes look especially amazing with the inclusion of cottage doors, which are typically made of oak and mimic a rustic style on their borders. While they may look and feel traditional, cottage doors can also go well with any contemporary or traditional interior decor.

Ledged Doors

Similar in vertical construction to cottage doors, ledged doors are placed against horizontal ledges that are typically placed with plenty of balance for door position.

Pocket Doors

Smaller spaces may do well with pocket doors, which slide into the wall and out of sight when not required.

Bespoke Doors

Many buyers love the look of bespoke doors, which allow homeowners to customize the interior doors according to their personal tastes. Many choose bespoke doors that match the exact design specifications in their interiors, while others look for custom doors to fit in certain awkward areas of the home.

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