Pocket Doors: Solving Issues With Tight Space

June 21, 2021
pocket door
Image source: Sugatsune

Looking for a solution to your smaller interior space? Pocket doors can be the answer!

Pocket doors are types of doors that slide into a crevice within the walls to disappear out of sight when opened. They usually slide along a track that is mounted on the ceiling and are a great option for both style and functionality.

Pocket doors are especially useful in areas of the home where you either don’t have the room for a door to swing open or simply because you do not want the appearance of a door impeding on the look of the space.

Interior pocket doors offer a solution to certain problems in homes.

Why Install a Pocket Door in Your Interior?

There are plenty of reasons why pocket doors may be useful in your home:

For small clearance and tight spaces. In smaller rooms, such as bathrooms, a standard swinging door can get in the way of things. If you’ve got very little space to work with, a pocket door can solve your problem of lack of square footage.

For limited wall space. A traditional swinging door takes up a lot of wall space when open. More specifically, it occupies wall space equal to the door’s width. If you’re working with a small room with minimal wall space, a swinging door would be impossible, and placing any furniture or wall art would be difficult as well. But a pocket door can help in this scenario.

Style. Even if you can afford the space that a swinging door would need, you may simply prefer the look of a pocket door. The lack of a swinging door occupying space when open can make a space appear more streamlined and elegant.

Tips To Using Pocket Doors

If you decide to go with pocket doors instead of swinging doors, keep the following in mind:

-Use heavy-duty hardware to ensure the door slides without a hitch
-Ensure there is enough wall space to allow for the door to be tucked into the wall crevice
-Go for solid doors, which are much more durable than cheaper materials
-Be mindful when hanging wall art, as you do not want any hangers to get into the path of the door glide

Hope Designs is experienced in working with pocket doors and can help you make best use of pocket doors to solve any space issues, as well as provide overall guidance on what to do with your space to create a stylish and functional home that suits your lifestyle. Get in touch with Hope Designs today!