Planning a Kitchen Renovation? Follow These Expert Tips


December 18, 2017

Out of all the spaces in a house, the kitchen is what typically gets the most attention – and costs homeowners the most money. There’s good reason for that, however: the kitchen is essentially the centre of the home. As such, it warrants plenty of attention, especially when it comes time to remodel and renovate.
If you’re planning to do something new with your kitchen in the new year, you might be looking for some guidance. Luckily, you’ve found it.

Plan Properly

The actual planning process should take just as long as – if not longer than – the actual renovation itself. Planning appropriately will help you avoid any problems along the way while staying on budget.
Study your existing kitchen and account for all details, including its size and height size. Consider the traffic patterns in the space to help you come up with the right-size work aisles. Plan for the unexpected and allow for a little leeway in case some measurements are not as on-par as you initially thought. Finally, pick out all of your fixtures and materials before construction starts to minimize the risk of delays as a result of back-orders.

Maintain the Same Kitchen Footprint

To make the job easier and less expensive, keeping the same footprint can help a great deal. Changing the locations of all the plumbing and electricals, for instance, can really drive up the price. If possible, try to keep all of the walls, appliances, and water fixtures in the same spots as well. Of course, if it’s a complete overhaul and change of floorplan that you’re after, you can skip this step.
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Keep Your Money Spent on Features that Really Add Value

You might be tempted to get yourself that 6-range gourmet gas cooktop and oversized Sub Zero fridge, but if budget is tight, consider focusing on items that will bring more value to your kitchen space, such as flooring, cabinets, and counters.


Add More Storage

A kitchen can never have enough storage, so be sure to plan for this type of space for your kitchen renovation. For instance, consider installing ceiling-height cabinets or mounting small shelving units on bare wall areas and within cabinet doors.

Communicate Clearly With Your Contractor and Interior Designer

This is key, as you want to make sure that the final result is exactly what you had envisioned it to be. But without clear communication between you and those who are working on your kitchen, you risk a finished product that’s not what you expected. You can also risk your budget getting blown out of the water too. To avoid this, be sure that communication is open and clear among all parties involved.

Kitchen Renovation: Let Hope Designs Take the Reigns!

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