Pet-Friendly Area Rugs For Your Home

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August 11, 2021
pet-friendly area rugs

Pets bring so much love to a home, but they also tend to bring other things with them, including smells, stains, and tons of pet hair. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice style at home just because you’ve got a furry friend or two living with you.

There are plenty of ways to make your home more pet-friendly while staying true to your style, and a specialized area rug is one way to go.

These area rugs are a dream for pet owners and anyone else who finds it difficult to keep their carpets free of spills and stains. Pet-friendly area rugs come with a plethora of benefits for pet owners, including the following.

Machine Washable

How awesome would it be for you to be able to simply toss a stained area rug into the washer? No more scrubbing on your hands and knees to get those stains out. Instead, you can add your area rug to your laundry and let the machine do all the heavy lifting for you.


You won’t have to worry about stains setting and being impossible to get out. Not only will any accidents from your beloved pet not stick, but neither will any other spills from other family members, including kids and clumsy adults. Pet-friendly area rugs are stain-resistant so you won’t have to use much elbow grease to get them out.


Some area rugs have been known to move around when walked on, but many quality pet-friendly area rugs on the market are specifically made to resist slipping when walked on. So both you and your pooch are safe.


Certain area rug manufacturers are made to order, which means you can get a pet-friendly area rug made just for you, your home, and your furry friend.

Are there any downsides to pet-friendly area rugs? Perhaps the only one that comes to mind is that they may be a little on the thin side. After all, if you want to be able to toss them onto the washing machine, they can’t be too thick. It’s a small trade-off for a product that can make life living with pets easier.

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