My Late night addiction…INFOMERCIALS

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March 24, 2011

My take on the SHAM WOW phenomenon….
You know what, they actually work, REALLY!. The only suggestion I would make is that they have to be wet or moist in order to work.
You might have guessed I am the “Queen of Infomercials”, A title that I am proud of and that I have worked many hours to gain! It comes from many years of being an insomniac (not a good thing, but what can I do), so “late night infomercials to the rescue”…
Ive tried it all, from the Toby steamer, to the H2O mop, Hercules hooks, George Foreman grill, I just bought some mighty putty (haven’t tried that yet), my favorite is the “steam buggy”.
I’m actually laughing to myself as I confess my addiction for all to read (I honestly didn’t know my obsession was this bad until I started to remember all of my purchases, lol).
So fellow CSP’s, if you have any questions re: a product, just get back to me chances are I have tried it (or I am about to try it)!!
I’m happy to give you the insider scoop on any products.
PS. If anyone has any tips on products I need to try, PLEASE let me know, I will be sure to jump on the band wagon, lol!!!



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