My House is listed in Toronto is it too late to Stage it?

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October 9, 2014

My Home is Already on the Market – Is it Too Late to Stage it?
Home owners often have a ton of questions when it comes to selling their home, and one of the questions they may ponder is the idea of home staging. While many home owners have their home professionally staged before the property is put up for sale, many other home owners are hesitant about the entire process.
Toronto Home Stager Hope Designs living room design project by hope designs toronto interior design
The main reason? Cost – or perceived cost, that is. While it’s true that home stagers need to be paid up front for their services, what many home owners don’t realize is that the money they spend for such services is made up in spades with the extra money they stand to make off the sale of their home. Not only that, but because the property sells faster, carrying costs are drastically reduced.
“Is it too late to stage my home after it’s been up on the market already?”
The short answer to this question is simply, no. It’s never too late to stage your home, no matter how little or long it’s been sitting on the market. If your home just hit the market, you have the benefit of selling it quickly after staging it. If your home has been lingering on the market for a while, home staging can help get it sold quickly so that the listing doesn’t continue to get more and more stale, which will only hurt your bottom line.
Staging your home has plenty of benefits. While it’s never too late to stage your home, no matter how long it’s been sitting on MLS, your best bet is to have it staged sooner rather than later to reap the most rewards.
Home sellers who have used staging services have a much better chance of selling their homes quickly. It fact, it’s been proven that staged homes are on the market days and even weeks less than non-staged home. This helps home owners save in carrying costs such as utilities, property taxes, maintenance, and so forth.
Professionally staged homes also sell for more money than non-staged homes. Whatever money you spent paying your home stager will more than likely be made up for – and more – when the home sells for more money than had it not been staged. If you’re on a particularly tight budget, you can even stage key rooms that have more selling potential for a home, such as the kitchen or living room.
Get Your Home Professionally Staged With Hope Designs
No matter how long your home has been on the market, the experts at Hope Designs will be sure to help your house impress buyers with effective staging strategies. At Hope Designs, we’ve helped countless home owners get their properties sold quickly and for as much money as they can with a fresh new look that makes real estate agents want to show to their clients.
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