How Much Does Interior Decorating Cost in Toronto?

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December 21, 2014

How Much Does it cost to hire a Toronto Interior Decorator?
Many home owners looking to get a little help revamping the inside of their homes might consider a popular question, “How much does interior decorating cost?” While the answer to this question is an important one, it’s also important to consider the scope of the job of an interior decorator.

The Initial Consultation
An initial consultation will be required to help the interior decorator determine your needs, expectations and budget. It is during this initial consultation where the the decorator will be able to gauge an appropriate price for the job, as well as set forth any stipulation of the contract. An estimated timeframe will also be established. The initial consultation can take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. Why? There are seemingly endless pieces of information to be collected from owners about capturing their true vision and fitting their specific lifestyle. In addition, tons of information and tips are given to clients to help them understand the process, as well as what they can expect in a finished product.

Interior Decorating Costs
Depending on the interior decorator, and the scope of the job, you could be charged a flat fee, or be charged by the hour. Those who charge a flat rate generally set a budget to account for all services. Depending on the size and extent of the job, this could cost as little as $20,000, and as much as $100,000 or more. Any vendors, subcontractors and additional fees will be included in the amount of the budget.

Interior decorators who charge by the hour typically charge between $100 to $200 per hour, depending on the size of the space being worked on and the amount of work that’s required to get the job done.

In reality, interior decorating costs can range widely, depending on the scope and level of work required on the part of the interior decorator. It’s a good idea for clients to set a maximum dollar amount that they are able and/or willing to pay for services provided by an interior decorator. This amount should, of course, not include any materials required for the decorating job, including furnishings, window treatments, flooring, and so forth. By setting such a limit, you can control the overall cost of the project without going over your limit. A seasoned interior decorator will be able to provide you with a close estimate to the number of hours that will be required to dedicate to the job, since they should be capable of knowing roughly how long the job should take.

If you’re working with a good decorator who knows what he or she is doing, it’s worth spending the money, as they can essentially SAVE you money elsewhere thanks to their skill, knowledge and experience. Even if you only speak with a decorator for a couple of hours, the advice they provide can certainly be very enlightening for you, and help guide you in the right direction that will end up saving you money on the cost of interior decorating.

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How Much Does Interior Decorating Cost in Toronto?
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