How Much Do Home Staging Services Cost?

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December 2, 2014

Home owners who are getting their homes ready for sale on the real estate market often ask the question, “How much does home staging cost?” Before this question can be accurately answered, another fundamental question that needs to be asked is, “Can a home stager help me sell my house faster and for more money?”
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How home staging can affect the sale of your home has just as much weight – if not more – than the actual price of home staging itself. In essence, the money spent on home staging should be thought of more as an investment rather than an expense.
Staging a home is basically smart marketing. Much like any other type of marketing, there is a certain amount of capital that needs to be put forth as part of an initial investment. In general, investments are returned multiple times over. In the case of home staging costs, such an investment on average is returned three-fold, according to a 2011 home improvement survey by HomeGain.
Home staging speeds up the sale of the property by making it much more appealing to a larger number of buyers. Typically, homes that sell faster are more hot on the market, and can generally demand a higher selling price. Simply put, by improving the product (your home), more people will want it!
So, How Much Does Home Staging Cost?
The cost of home staging typically depends on the list price of your home. It’s generally advised to spend anywhere between 1% to 3% of your listing price in order to help speed up the sale of your home. Such a price will depend on the overall condition of your house, and the magnitude of upgrades needed.
Consider this – the National Association of Realtors’ Profile of Buyers and Sellers reported in 2007 that between a 1% to 3% investment in home staging services of a home can bring approximately an 8% to 10% of an increase in the sale price!
In addition, consider the fact that a home that is properly staged will have a much smaller chance of having to have a price reduction over time just to gain more attraction from buyers and get it sold and off the market. Simply selling without this price reduction – which can cost thousands of dollars – is enough to save you money. This is reward enough for home staging costs!
The initial consultation fee generally costs about $250, which includes 1 to 3 hours of your home stager working with you to come up with a solid plan of action, all while working with your budget.
The bottom line is, the initial cost of home staging services shouldn’t be the only factor considered. All factors need to be looked at to get the big picture and to get an accurate idea of all its benefits, including reduced sale time, increased sale price, reduction of carrying costs, as well as a reduction in your stress levels!
Hope Designs – Your Partner in Home Staging
Hope Designs in a professional home staging company helping clients all over the GTA and surrounding areas get their homes ready for the market. We are in the business of making homes more saleable, which inevitably end up selling quicker and for a much higher price as compared to homes not adequately prepared for showings. We understand the market and what home buyers are looking for. At the end of the day, our home staging services cost nothing in the grand scheme of things, when you take into consideration how much more money you can sell your home for, and the money saved on carrying costs! Home staging with Hope Designs is well worth the investment!