Luxury Vinyl Flooring Becoming Very Popular Among Homeowners


July 21, 2021

The thought of “vinyl” being used on your floors may conjure up thoughts of older, outdated homes whose homeowners were too cheap to install anything of higher quality. But while there may have been some truth to that in years past, these days you’ll find more homeowners installing vinyl flooring — including in higher-end homes.

Here are some reasons why luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) is gaining in popularity.

It’s Durable

Luxury vinyl is becoming increasingly durable as manufacturers develop more innovative development of this type of flooring material. Today, LVT is made from strong materials that make it a suitable flooring option for spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. The flooring is made with multiple layers and then fused with heat and pressure, along with a protective layer and coating.

It’s Easy to Maintain

If you’re not a fan of having to repair, replace, or maintain your flooring, then LVT may be the perfect flooring type for you. It’s easier to maintain than traditional hardwood flooring and looks just as good. There’s no need for polishing, waxing, or refinishing with LVT, unlike hardwood. Plus, it’s very easy to clean— just a quick swipe or wipe, and you’re done.

It’s Waterproof

Again, LVT may be great for bathrooms and kitchens that tend to experience a lot of spills and moisture. That’s why these spaces are typically better suited with ceramic tiles. But since LVT is waterproof, you have another option to go with for these particular rooms.

It’s Attractive

You obviously want to lay flooring that is stylish, and LVT fits the bill. Technology is advancing to help this material resemble wood and other materials, but it’s much more versatile and durable than other flooring options while still looking great.

It’s Affordable

You don’t have to break the bank to make your home look amazing with LVT. This material is cheaper than other flooring options, including real hardwood, yet provides the same luxurious effects that wood offers. Plus, it’s easier to install.

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