Lori's Tip of the Week – Use "Greige" in Your Home Decor

September 5, 2017

Remember how the colour beige once took over the neutral zone in interior design? It’s tough to even imagine, considering the “blah” factor of this hue.
But as uninteresting as this colour is, it’s not quite gone just yet. Instead of completely eliminating it, it’s been mixed with another popular neutral hue – grey. The result? “Greige,” a perfect combination of both beige and grey that makes a for the perfectly modern neutral that homeowners should seriously consider looking at, whether they’re updating their homes or staging them for the market.
This perfect marriage of colours brings the best of both worlds to create a shade that works well for plenty of properties. It was just a matter of time before beige the two colours would collaborate to provide homeowners with the perfect neutral they never knew they wanted.
greigeWhat Exactly is “Greige”?
It’s no surprise that the term “greige” is simply a merging of “beige” and “grey,” sort of like how Hollywood has coined terms like “Bragelina” or “Bennifer.” The majority of shades of greige favour more grey than beige. That said, take a closer look and you’ll notice some brownish undertones that merge with the neutral grey hue.
Even though grey creates soft neutral tones homeowners tend to love, the beige undertones help add a little warmth into what would otherwise be a dull boring color. The resulting shade works quite well in most homes. Whether it’s a gentle welcoming that you want to create in your entryway or some contrast of bright light in your home, greige just works.
Different Shades of Greige
Greige comes in all sorts of shades which range from a deep charcoal grey with a little bit of brown to a soft grey with a subtle hint of beige. The shade of greige that you pick will make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home.
The ideal shade for your project is an important part of the process, and the choice you make will heavily impact the look and feel of your home and how well the walls go with other components throughout the space.
Brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams carry a range of greige shades, so make sure to compare them all before making your choice.
How to Use Greige in Your Home
Greige can be used in just about any space in your home and goes with almost all colours and types of decor, which is one of the biggest benefits of this colour. Whether your home is contemporary with tons of white or is more traditional with lots of natural wood, greige will fit in really well as a wall color.
Greige may also be used as the main shade instead of a complement or contrast and can keep the atmosphere interesting. Natural light that floods the home through windows can bring out the best in the colour, creating an inviting, “homey” feel.
greigeThis blended colour also works well to create a relaxing environment, which makes it suitable for the bedroom. The grey component will help relax your mind while the beige keeps things a little more upbeat.
Still Not Sure How to Use Greige in Your Home?
Greige can work wonders in a home and can be used in all sorts of ways to bring out the best in your decor. If you’re a little uncertain about how to implement it in your home, enlist the services of experienced Toronto interior design team Hope Designs! Ditch those boring or off-putting colours that are doing nothing for your home’s decor and let Hope Designs appropriately implement greige throughout your space!