What to Look For in a Good Home Renovator

December 15, 2016

You’ve likely seen at least one episode on HGTV which depicts the nightmares that come along with hiring the wrong contractor to perform home renovations. Whether it’s because the contractor bailed on the homeowners in the middle of the job, did a shoddy job, or ended up charging twice as much as the original promised estimate by the time the project was complete, there are plenty of horror stories that can come along with home renovations.
home renovatorThat’s why it’s absolutely critical that you find a good home renovator to do the job so you’re not left fixing major issues after the fact and dishing out more money that you thought you would have to.

What Makes a Good Home Renovator?

Before you agree to hire a contractor to perform a renovation on your home, there are certain traits you need to look for and various questions you should be asking. However, there are certain things you need to do before the interview process begins.
For starters, you might want to ask friends, relatives, or colleagues for references. That way, you’ll have a better idea of how certain home renovators will be should you choose to work with them. You will also want to get estimates from at least three contractors so you can compare prices, as well as the amount of work that will be covered for each amount. The cheapest isn’t always the best, so make sure the work that will be performed is exactly what you need, and that they won’t be nickel and diming you for every little additional task after the fact.
When you’re ready for the interview process, keep the following things in mind.
The home renovator should be busy enough not to be able to start right away. Good contractors are those who have a lot of clients on the go, and for good reason. If they’re good at what they do, people will want to work with them. The best contractors are those who are busy, so don’t expect the one you choose to be available tomorrow.
home renovatorThey will have their own in-house employees. You want to make sure that the home renovator you choose actually has employees that do the work, rather than hiring casual labor off the street.
They will have experience for the specific project you need done. Just because one contractor who came in highly recommended did a great job remodelling a bathroom, that doesn’t mean they will necessarily be best suited to perform a kitchen renovation. You want to find a home renovator that regularly does the type of project you need done.
They’re fully licensed. Home renovators should ideally be licensed, that way you know that they’ve had the necessary training for this scope of a job. Check disciplinary boards and the Better Business Bureau to look for any litigation or problems that they might be in the middle of. Avoid any contractors who have been sued or are still in the middle of litigation.
They don’t ask for more than 50% up front. Contractors who ask for far more than 50% of the final job price should be dealt with caution – they can easily take your money and run and leave you with a half-done job that you’ll be responsible to pick up the slack for.
They’re easily accessible. You don’t want to work with a home renovator who is tough to reach. If there are any issues you need ironed out, the contractor should be available to rectify them quickly.
They’re insured. Get a copy of the contractor’s insurance policy to see what’s covered should any unforeseeable issues arise.
Once your home renovator is done the job, now it’s time to design, furnish, and decorate! This can be a daunting task all on its own, which is why you’ll need a team of professionals to come in and design for you. At Hope Designs, we create lifestyles, and we’ll take your visions and turn them into reality.
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