Lighting – Top Recommended Light Fixture Updates for Selling

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March 14, 2014

If you are thinking of updating your home for either dwelling or selling in the near future we caution you not overlook the basics.
We often live in our homes for years without ever considering basic updates and upgrades. At Hope Designs we find that some of the quickest, simplest and easiest upgrades, such as; heat registers, switch plates, door knobs, door handles, drawer pulls and lighting can also be some of the least expensive upgrades.
Light fixtures in particular are often overlooked by most homeowners while living in a space, however if you are thinking of selling, switching out several, if not all of the light fixtures is usually a must and should be on your list of priorities before putting your home on the market. We find that buyers are quite savvy and are looking for an updated space. In most cases, they are very aware of light fixtures and the current trends in lighting.
Lighting can have a huge impact and can dramatically change the look and feel of any room in your home.
Lighting can create drama, flair and add instant ambiance to your living room, dinning room, kitchen, bathroom or master bedroom or for that matter any room in your home and let’s not forget lighting for the exterior (stay tuned for our upcoming article on exterior lighting and upgrades).
It can also be a functional part of your home and be used for tasks such as in the kitchen for prep work, in the office to get paperwork done. In a bathroom setting lighting is pivotal and necessary for grooming and makeup application. Why not consider installing a wall sconce above your bed in your master bedroom to make reading easier. Lighting has many purposes and functions.
Lighting can add architectural details to a space or become a focal point. If well done, lighting can become part of your interior design plan and definitely not something to be overlooked.
We like to think of lighting as the icing on the cake in any well designed space!

Types of Light Fixtures

Lighting comes in all shapes, sizes and designs. The most common are:
Flush mount
Semi-flush mount
Wall mount

Light Fixture Finishes

Light fixtures also come in a variety of finishes and textures, the most popular being:
Brushed nickel
Oil rubbed bronze

And believe it or not brass and gold finishes are starting to make a comeback.
You can definitely spend a pretty penny buying light fixtures at boutique-style light stores where you’ll certainly find all sorts of amazing pieces. The good news is that there’s no reason to spend even a fraction of what you would spend at these high-end shops. Instead, you can find light fixtures at your typical home improvement store that rival those found at the more expensive shops.
Why spend more when you can find pieces that are just as stunning and in-style?
You may have been living in your home for several years and have become complacent with the builder grade lighting that has been there since you moved in. In our experience working with Design and Staging clients, after a few years lighting just becomes part of the wood work.
We would like to encourage you to step back and take a look at your lighting.
Questions to consider; is the lighting functional? Do the fixtures work or are they in desperate need of repair? Does the lighting style, shape and size fit the space? Do they fit in with your decor and suit the design of the room and the architecture of your home? Or is the worst case scenario true, do you just have a bare bulb dangling from the ceiling? As is the case in many powder rooms, laundry and utility rooms that we tour through.
If any of these scenarios hit home, then the following photos from our recent design projects will be extremely helpful.
Are you looking for the most recommended light fixtures when selling your home? Every room in the home calls for a different style of lighting, as not every fixture will necessarily work in every space. Here we’ll take you through every type of room in the home and the ideal type of lighting you should consider for each.


While not necessarily a “room,” the hallways of your home still need some type of lighting for practical reasons. That said, it’s not necessarily the type of space that warrants light fixtures that hang from above. Instead, the hallway is the perfect spot for flush-mount lighting.
This type of lighting has little or no gap between the ceiling and the fixture itself. These fixtures come in all styles, sizes, and shapes, giving you plenty to choose from to outfit your hallways. But while you’ll find square, oval, and even rectangular flush-mount light fixtures, round shapes tend to be the most popular as it typically blends in easily and seamlessly with various types of decor.
The majority of flush mount light fixtures are somewhat minimalist in style, but if you’ve got a flair for the fancy, you’ll easily be able to find more ornate styles, even at your local big box store.
Without further ado, here are our top picks for flush mount light fixtures that you can find at your home improvement store:

Allen & Roth Bronze Ceiling Flush Mount

flush mount
This sophisticated, modular look is classic yet modern, and comes in a painted white etched glass with a bronze finish.
* available at

Hampton Bay LED Flush Mount Light

flush mount
This light fixture uses an integrated LED light source that gives off the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb but uses 70% less electricity. This particular collection from Hampton Bay is modern and elegant with a frosted glass shade and brushed nickel finish.
* available at

BAZZ Glam Cobalt Flush Mount Ceiling Light

flush mount
This contemporary and glamorous flush mount ceiling light comes in a chrome finish with white frosted glass and crystal glass beads and is illuminated by three 40-watt bulbs.
* available at

Kitchen and Bedroom

For these spaces in the home, semi-flush mount lighting is ideal. These types of fixtures are also good for lower ceilings (9 to 10 feet high) as they don’t hang too low and become obstacles that can be bumped into. Semi-flush mount light fixtures also typically offer a little more decorative flair compared to flush-mount lighting.
Here are our choices for semi-flush mount lighting for kitchens and bedrooms.

Toberon Collection Brushed Nickel LED Semi-Flushmount

semi-flush mount
* available at

Kichler Lighting Edenbrook Semi-Flush Mount Light

semi-flush mount

* available at

Ashley HarbourPolished Chrome Etched Glass Semi-Flush Mount Light

* available at

Hampton Bay Semi-Flush Mount Fixture

 * available at

When it comes to the kitchen, there are a couple of other types of lighting that will work well in these spaces: Pendant lamps and chandeliers. Pendant lamps are perfect for hanging over kitchen islands and peninsulas, while chandeliers work well over dining tables. They make a statement and are out of the way so no one bumps into them!
Here are our choices for pnedant lamps and chendeliers:

Home Decorators Collection: 4 Light Pendant

* available at

1 Light Vintage Hanging Pendant Light Fixture

* available at

CANVAS Grace Ceiling Pendant

* available at

As far as chandeliers are concerned, here are some of our top picks:

Kichler Angelica Vintage Hardwired Clear Glass Globe Standard Chandelier

* available at

Equinox Collection 6-Light Foyer Pendant Chandelier

* available at

Home Decorators Collection 4-Light Brushed Nickel Sphere Pendant

recommended light fixture for staging chandelier metal orb suitable for dining room kitchen living room family room foyer entry

similar fixture at a budget friendly price point *available at

Piera 4-Light Chandelier in Chrome with Crystal Drops

* available at

CANVAS Elanor Chandelier

* available at