Kitchen Renovation Trends Making a Splash

June 16, 2016

Tired of your old kitchen? If so, it might be high-time for a total revamp. In addition to the room’s current style being completely outdated, perhaps the entire flow and functionality of the kitchen is lacking as well. If that’s the case, a kitchen renovation may just be what you need.
Kitchen Renovation Trends
In order to get some inspiration re the type of changes that you might want to make to this very important space in your home, consider one of the following hot Kitchen Renovation Trends that are making a splash in 2016.

Kitchen Renovation Trends: Wood Slat Cabinets

It seems that the wood trend that’s made its way into the world of kitchen renovations is nowhere near losing steam. From butcher block countertops to shiplap walls, wood has certainly made a name for itself in Kitchen Renovation Trends. This year, wood slat cabinets are all the rage. Raw natural woods incorporated into minimal cabinet styles are highly coveted by many homeowners, and wood slats offer the ideal solution to incorporate both.
Tone-on-Tone Colours
The tone-on-tone look is really big this year. This colour palette has a remarkable relaxing effect on the eyes, and is incredibly simple yet highly sophisticated at the same time.
Counter-to-Ceiling Subway Tile
Subway tile in the kitchen is nothing new, especially when it comes to the backsplash. But rather than reserving it only for the couple of vertical feet that we’ve been used to seeing, this year you can expect to see more and more Kitchen Renovation Trends embracing this classic tile all the way up to the ceiling. Rather than stopping at the upper cabinets, subway tile taken right to the top is on-trend.
Coloured Cabinets
All-white kitchens are still hot, but we’re starting to really appreciate the bright and cheery look of coloured kitchen cabinets. This year, it’s becoming more common to see vibrant hues light bright green, blue and red popping up in cabinets as part of growing Kitchen Renovation Trends. If you’re a little weary about going so bright, stick to just adding colour to the upper cabinets only to achieve a similar effect.
Deep-Veined Marble
Kitchen Renovation Trends
Pure white marble has had a huge presence in Kitchen Renovation Trends for the last little while. But this year you can expect an increasing number of kitchen designs incorporating more striking deep-veined marble on countertops. An increasing number of homeowners are turning to more interesting-looking marble to infuse in their kitchens.
Looking for more Kitchen Renovation Trends to consider incorporating into your kitchen? Hope Designs has plenty of ideas to go around. Contact us today for a consultation on how to revamp your kitchen!