Kitchen Flooring Ideas For Your Home

September 26, 2019

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. It’s not just where meals are prepared and enjoyed, but also where family and friends tend to flock. But let’s face it: the kitchen is typically a room in the home that takes a lot of beating. Dishes may drop, food and drinks may spill, and water may drip. It’s also a space were tons of heavy foot traffic makes its way in and out.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Considering all this, the flooring of your kitchen needs to be durable and capable of withstanding all the wear and tear that it will inevitably endure. And although ceramic tiles may be a popular choice because of this material’s ability to withstand all this activity while still maintaining its integrity, there are other beautiful flooring options that you may want to consider for your kitchen that are still strong enough to keep up their esthetics without ruining so easily.

Here are a few kitchen flooring ideas and options that you may want to consider the next time you decide to revamp this important space.

Hardwood Flooring

Popular in living areas and hallways, hardwood flooring has become a highly-coveted flooring material for homeowners and buyers who like the look of a modern interior while taking advantage of a durable surface. But hardwood may also be a great option in the kitchen, and when treated and sealed appropriately, hardwood floors can last for decades.

Vinyl Planks

When you hear the word “vinyl,” you might not think it to be an attractive option, especially for a kitchen. But vinyl has come a long way over the years, and these days, you can get yourself attractive vinyl planks or tiles that come in a variety of colours and patterns to suit the style of your kitchen. Vinyl is highly versatile and almost completely resistant to stains, moisture, and damage. Plus, cleaning it is a breeze.

Natural Stone

If you’re looking for a flooring option that is both beautiful and extremely durable, natural stone is it. This type of stone is incredibly hard and can last a lifetime when well cared for. Options for natural stone tiling includes slate, limestone, marble, and sandstone, among others. They come in all colours and patterns, and no two are exactly alike, so you’ll certainly have a unique floor with this option.


While it may have been considered outdated not long ago, linoleum is making a comeback in interior design. Linoleum is eco-friendly, easy to keep clean, and can last decades when maintained properly. Like vinyl planks and tiles, linoleum comes in much more modern finishes that are a lot more attractive than it was years ago.

Looking For More Flooring Ideas For your Kitchen?

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