Interior Redesign

June 13, 2016

Your home is your haven. It’s a place of retreat, of spending time with family, and even entertaining guests. The way your home’s interior is furnished, styled and decorated says a lot about you, your family, and your lifestyle. While much of your interior’s design is about esthetic appeal, it’s also about function and flow. It helps to support the way you live, and makes moving about your home as seamless as possible.
If you’ve been living in your home for quite a while without updating it, or have recently purchased a home with an interior decorating theme that just doesn’t suit your needs nor your tastes, then maybe an Interior Redesign should be on the horizon. Interior Redesign focuses on improving your home to meet your current needs and tastes, with an eye toward future a potential resale value of the property.
If any of the rooms in your home are currently outdated and cluttered, or there are spaces where the current design simply doesn’t feel right to you, an Interior Redesign should be in the works. Whether you’re moving into a new place, downsizing, or even combining households, an Interior Redesign can be exactly what you need.

Interior Redesign: Giving Your Home a Fresh New Look

Interior Redesign involves working with what you already own, and rearranging, reusing, or repurposing your existing belongings. It also involves adding onto your current items to create a space that is much more in-tune with your modern tastes and enhances the functionality and practicality of your home.
Interior Redesign
Decorating and furnishing your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Having a professional Interior Redesign team like Hope Designs can help you transform your space by applying sound design principles to your existing decor and furnishings. This process is a budget-conscious one that breathes new life into any space and generates incredible results.
The majority of rooms already have the components required for a good design; all they need is the trained eye of an expert like those at Hope Designs to unlock their true potential. If possible, existing belongings can be used, combined with new paint colours, flooring, lighting, window treatments, furnishings, artwork, and accessories.
Your budget is always kept at the forefront of focus to make sure that the project’s results are never completed at the financial sacrifice of the homeowner. Before any project begins, a thorough discussion and consultation will take place, at which time your budget – and the work that can be completed within this budget – is laid out.
After communicating what your budget is for your Interior Redesign project, Hope Designs will come up with a plan of action to transform your space to your liking without spending more than what you’re comfortable with. Of course, the realities of the budget will be revealed; it’s important for homeowners to be realistic about exactly what can be done with a certain budget.
Interior Redesign
Whether you’re looking for some Interior Redesign and decorating advice, or are simply having a tough time pulling it all together on your own, an interior decorating consultation is the first step to resolving these issues. It is during the consultation that what is currently working in your home will be determined, as well as which areas need more attention.
Others factors will also be discussed in addition to your budget, including your tastes, personal style, decorating goals, and lifestyle. A consultation in space planning, furniture selection and arrangement, colour palette choices, window treatments, art work, and accessories will also take place during this important gathering. The experts at Hope Designs will take their time meandering throughout your home, carefully taking notes on what’s currently working, and what isn’t.
Interior Redesign Plan
Following the consultation, the professional Interior Redesign experts at Hope Designs will take their written notes and keep your concerns and questions in mind in order to draft up a detailed redesign plan. Using all of this information, an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan including a floor plan, colour palette, furniture suggestions, and other factors will be included to make sure your Interior Redesign process flows without a hitch.
Once you have been thoroughly briefed on the plan that is to take place and give the go-ahead, the Interior Redesign process can begin. Any contractors that need to be part of the action will be consulted with and booked. They will work their magic according to a proper schedule that Hope Designs will come up with.
Whether architects, plumbers, electricians, flooring professionals, kitchen contractors, or any other type of trades are needed, Hope Designs will make sure that they are scheduled to complete their jobs in the proper sequence. In fact, it’s this project management component of the Hope Design’s services that sets us apart from our competitors.
All of the finishes will be hand-picked for you. If you are the type to be hands-on in the decision-making process, you can make suggestions. If not, Hope Designs is quite happy to do all the shopping for you. After all, a keen eye for style is needed to create the perfect Interior Redesign. Not only that, but shopping for all the furniture, lighting, wall paint, tiles, window treatments, and artwork takes a lot of time, which most busy homeowners simply don’t have a lot of. All the samples will be brought back to you for your approval.
The day that your home’s Interior Redesign begins, Hope Designs will be there to manage the project. Regardless of whether the Interior Redesign process is a simple and quick one, or a much more in-depth and elaborate one, having someone there to make sure all the steps in the redesign process are carried out seamlessly is critical.
We’ll be there throughout the Interior Redesign process from start to finish. We won’t leave until we’ve made certain that you are completely satisfied with the finished product. Your unique style and personal stamp will be a part of the Interior Redesign project.